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holistic radical birth education & support through the childbearing years

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Back-to-basics childbirth education for the how, why, and when to make informed choices that support comfort through physiologic birth, labor progression in birth variations, and medical birth when needed.

For the families who yearn for knowledge and understanding of the entire childbearing year… who believe the information that midwives and doulas hold should be shared as a purpose of our calling, no matter where or how one chooses to birth, home to hospital.

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A part of MOV Birth, a lawfully-formed 508c(1)a, faith-based Private Health Association, operating with a reliance upon our faith in Nature and Nature’s God, dedicated to providing professional services and information concerning natural healthcare and services to its members.

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holistic confident childbirth education and perinatal support

Esali Birth was the first comprehensive holistic birth education resource providing childbearing families with provider-perspective wisdom and a you-birth-how-you-live approach while guiding parents to become fully prepared for informed decisions, knowledge of and trust in the creation of the body for physiological birth with logical empowering confidence to navigate the journey to a simple happy healthy birth, breastfeeding, and parenting journey.

Pregnancy Resource Blog + Happy Healthy Birth Podcast

Reproductive System: Uterus

The uterus is an organ that, prior to pregnancy, sits protected in the “bowl” of the pelvis.  It is difficult to palpate externally until you pass the first trimester of pregnancy.  Prior to pregnancy, the uterus is about the size of your fist and slowly grows to the size of… well… whatever size it needs […]

40+ Rules for Pregnancy & the Childbearing Years

I love the book “Food Rules,” which helped me years ago to simplify how I grow, buy, and prepare foods to be healthier and more wholesome.  Sometimes, these simple rules help us to integrate these choices into our life more easily. I thought I would share a list of simple “rules” that can help support […]

Avoiding the Imbalanced Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

The holidays increase intake of sweets, breads, and carbohydrate-rich meals, not only making people feel tired (it’s not the turkey), jittery, and moody, but also contributing to what is commonly called the “flu season,” when in fact it is likely the “sugar season” wreaking havoc on the immune system.  It isn’t the holidays that increase […]

Learning Body Communication with Cycle Tracking

What can we learn about our body’s wellness just by paying attention to the body communication we were created with? Tracking your cycle just doesn’t help you know when your period is likely to come, but also helps you see imbalance in hormones and how your body reacts to your nourishment choices, daily activity and […]