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Esali Birth is the only comprehensive holistic birth education resource available providing childbearing families with a you-birth-how-you-live approach guiding parents to become fully prepared for informed decisions, knowledge of and trust in the creation of the body for physiological birth with logical empowering confidence to navigate the journey to a simple happy healthy birth, breastfeeding, and parenting journey.

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What Supplements are Needed in Pregnancy?

Last month, we talked about Whole Real Food in pregnancy; however, most of us are going to need to take supplements and the kind of supplements you take really matter.  You’re not going to get many benefits out of a poor-quality supplement and over-supplementing isn’t going to help you or your baby either. A supplement […]

Thriving on Real Food in Pregnancy

If you couldn’t buy any food or storage items – no flour, no jars, nothing – what would you eat?  You would rely heavily on wild foods.  The food that grows where God naturally nourishes its seeds… where they grow without our placement, nurturing, weeding, or sprays.  What foods would be the most abundant?  What […]

How Much Water Do I Need in Pregnancy?

A person can only live about 3 days without water.  Thirst, the first sign of dehydration, can occur in just a few hours of low water intake.  In less than 24 hours of less-than-ideal water intake, our urine starts to become yellow, more cloudy, higher in bacteria, our body’s cells start to dry out, our […]