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Esali Birth is the only comprehensive holistic birth education resource available providing childbearing families with a you-birth-how-you-live approach guiding parents to become fully prepared for informed decisions, knowledge of and trust in the creation of the body for physiological birth with logical empowering confidence to navigate the journey to a simple happy healthy birth, breastfeeding, and parenting journey.

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Nourishment is the New Routine in Prenatal Care

Safe doesn’t exist.  But, nourished bodies do. If you haven’t heard me say it before, you’re hearing it now.  There are no guarantees in maternity care (or life).  Much of western standard routines have no basis in evidence and even those that are supported with evidence have no guarantees of being able to prevent or […]

Home Birth Supplies & Emergency Birth Prep

For women planning a home birth since early in their pregnancy, or through a desire late in pregnancy to be in the comfort of their own home, planning for a home birth can seem exciting.  However, for families that might need to make a quick change of plans due to fear of their desired birth […]

COVID-19 in Pregnancy

The COVID, or coronavirus, pandemic is a hot-top no matter where you look.  While toilet paper might be a big concern for many families, and at-risk populations may fear the severity of the disease, let’s talk about some practical things you can do to when pregnant to prevent COVID from stressing your pregnancy and birth. […]