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Childbirth Education

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Holistic pregnancy resource.

Happy healthy birth - Home to Hospital. 

Back to basics approach with all the information for decision making in #ALLtheBirths


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holistic confident childbirth education and perinatal support

Esali Birth is the most comprehensive holistic pregnancy resource in the world providing childbearing families with a type of knowledge unparalleled in the birth industry; offering trust and knowledge of the body's biological design with empowering confidence to navigate the journey to modern parenthood.

Esali Birth offers intensive training for birth professionals in a format that empowers both perinatal mentors and their clients.

Birth Mentor Training

Birth Mentor as a Pregnancy Resource

Fully independent mentor training.

Ancient wisdom like no other birth professional certification available.

In-depth online training made for the modern mompreneur ready to educate and support happy and healthy births, in all the birth settings.


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