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Esali Birth provides perinatal mentoring including doula support and childbirth education through the childbearing years in fertility awareness, birth classes, doula care, and breastfeeding support from home to hospital, natural to medicated. Esali Birth mentoring training in an online mentor-in-a-box format focuses in providing families with confidence, empowering and life changing experiences.

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Holistic prep from pre-conception and pregnancy through wellness coaching and fear release as well as couple bonding and options for a healthy and happy perinatal journey.

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Birth is intended to be an intimate experience for the family. Biological needs with a "knowledge is power" approach takes those "what if" fears away.  Learn biological birth and all the ways your choices influence this experience.

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Breastfeeding completes the birth process and starts the parenting journey. Share this experience with us as we sit in circles and connect the wisdom of our ancestors with the challenges of modern culture.

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I wanted to say, 'Thank you' to you! We started your Esali Birth class years ago with every intention to have our baby in the hospital and it is through your class that we discovered home birth as an option and I am so glad we did. I appreciate the way you presented information and answered questions. You did it all so non-judgmentally and helpfully! Your class literally changed the course of how our [4] babies have been born and I am just sitting here being very grateful for the knowledge and pursuit of knowledge that started with your class! You are appreciated!

- Mrs. Moore, 10 Week Mentoring & Doula Support

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