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Esali Birth is the only comprehensive holistic birth education resource available providing childbearing families with a you-birth-how-you-live approach guiding parents to become fully prepared for informed decisions, knowledge of and trust in the creation of the body for physiological birth with logical empowering confidence to navigate the journey to a simple happy healthy birth, breastfeeding, and parenting journey.

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Preventing Pre-Eclampsia

A healthy blood volume prior to pregnancy is around 5 liters (5,000 cc or about 20 cups).  In the first trimester, we can help determine a healthy blood volume by doing lab work and seeing a Hemoglobin between 12 and 16 (somewhere around 14 is excellent for women where I serve in the Mid-Ohio Valley) […]

First Moments of Breastfeeding

Most women rarely see a newborn nurse immediately after birth aside from their own baby and are surprised to find how different it is than nursing an older baby.  A newborn’s head bobs up and down quite a bit as they completely rely on development and instincts to learn how to breastfeed.  Though, it feels […]

Let’s TACO’bout the Membranes

The membranes belong to your baby.  They are newly created for each baby, just like the placenta is newly created for each baby.  They transfer nutrients and hormones between mom and baby, and protect baby while they grow and while you labor. “Breaking your water” increases the risks of fetal distress, maternal and fetal infection, […]