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Esali Birth is the most comprehensive holistic pregnancy resource in the world providing childbearing families with a type of knowledge unparalleled in the birth industry and intensive training for birth professionals in a format that empowers both perinatal mentors and their clients.

Childbirth Education

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Holistic pregnancy resource through perinatal mentoring from pre-conception and pregnancy through postpartum.  Perinatal classes and mentoring include TTC and wellness counseling, confidence building, couple bonding and jammed packed with pregnancy resources for informed decisions, human rights in childbirth, doula care, and postpartum breastfeeding support.

I want to love my birth!

Birth Mentor Training

Birth Mentor as a Pregnancy Resource

Take your childbirth educator certification and doula training one step further with fully independent mentor training that gives you all the tools you need to start supporting and educating families from the moment you enroll.  Distance birth professional training with Esali Birth offers flexibility on top of a holistic awareness like no other birth professional certification available.

Perinatal Mentor Training Packages

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