Birth Journey

From the moment you were conceived, you’ve been learning, changing, creating, and adapting.  You’ve been given this life to fulfill - not yet knowing your destiny.  Today, you decide to wake up and get out of bed.  You eat a colorful breakfast that motivates you for a beautiful day.  You smile to those around you, chatting about your pregnancy and take a few moments to feel your babe fluttering inside.  You close your eyes with a sigh as he hiccups and takes your breath away.  In the next weeks you’ll make decisions about your care provider, where to birth, who will be invited into your birth space, and the environment that will greet this new life – a life that you have started on a journey of their own.  You are already making ripples for this little one as your waves are starting to rock.

As we make these decisions and pray that they’re the right ones, what affects they’ll have on our child, we sometimes fail to see that they are always the right decisions because in the end it isn’t the right or wrongs, it is the changes we see in ourselves that matter.  We can prepare for every type of birth, making all the decisions to set us up for the birth we desire and creating this perfect birth experience, but in the end, we have the birth that we need for our spiritual journey.  These decisions affect our health and our baby’s health, yes, but this experience is much more about the rite of passage.

Let your instincts be your guide in all things and take time to connect the paths as you voyage through motherhood.  Do you see the fibers in the fabric of your life and how they intertwine with every experience you’ve had?  Let yourself be pregnant, give birth, and enjoy motherhood.  Take a deep breath and tune out any negative vibrations coming your way.  Stop for a moment right now and think about how you’ve arrived in this very setting.  What wishes were not granted and what dreams came true?  Who have you met that touched your life in the smallest way and who has left you to figure out something on your own?  All of these are little events with a big impact, but birth is the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

With every birth experience, you are not only birthing a precious babe, but a stronger spirit.  This spirit will take the birth and use it for guiding you to the next step of your life.  What will that step look like for you?  How have your births changed you?