Best Perinatal Articles

I'm consistently referencing a list full of articles that I find to be the most fascinating and helpful during the perinatal stages (on top of my blog, of course, lol).  I wanted to start a list for myself, rather than just bookmarking, and decided a blog would be the best way to share this with others - and for future reference.  I haven't added all that I love, but have added some that are fresh on my mind for now.  I will continuously update this as I find new, impressive (or important/hard to find), articles - and if there are any that you love, please message those to me and I will review and add as I see fit!  Enjoy and happy learning!

Fertility & Related


Labor & Birth (And Immediate Postpartum)


Postpartum & Parenting

Christianity as it Relates to Perinatal Events


Websites that I Love & Have Too Many Great Articles To List Separately