Billboard Advertising

It is interesting to watch a business evolve, even over the course of just a few years.  Whether you're just starting out, creating a new ad campaign, or reaching for a new audience - there is never a bad time to learn a little marketing.  In a business where you have little funds set aside for marketing, knowing a few tricks can be invaluable.  I'm by no means the best graphic or marketing designer out there - but I've learned a few things along the way that have helped me spend a little less while reaching a little more.  I want to share those with you.

Number 1 rule of thumb... advertise like you're on a billboard.  Stick with me; I'm the last person who will tell you to break your bank for business.  I just mean, think of every piece of marketing material - from your business cards, to your website, your facebook page, and your brochures - like they're a billboard.

This is harder than you think, and probably my BIGGEST hurdle with marketing and reaching out.  I have a LOT to say, and there are some things I just don't want to leave out.  But, in all honesty, the things that matter aren't always what people are listening to.  You have about five seconds to catch someone's attention and leave them wanting more... better yet, leave them SEARCHING for more.  If you think of how quickly you pass by a billboard, there has to be some deep thought into what goes into the words (and images) put on that chunk of space.  You want to leave them with the information to contact you, the ease of doing so, and the idea that you're the person to meet their needs.

How do you do this in the birth business?  With soooo many places for "competition" - and the perspective that most of us have that we aren't in competition with others doing advocacy... how can you make your material effective?  Keep billboard advertising as your priority, and then leave the rest to faith.  There is only so much you can do, and we have to face the facts that we simply aren't going to reach each person.  We need to speak the words clearly that we're wanting to convey, and then when people SEARCH for us, we'll share with them all our knowledge.  So, don't worry about detailing out your practice, because if they want YOU, they will find you.  There are plenty of other advocates for those searching for something different.  Make your marketing count.  Spend some time on the content, and solicit some help where needed.  I'll be doing more marketing tips, so be sure to join the mailing list for more ideas.