Birth Classes + Doula Package

Birth Classes + Doula Support for #ALLtheBirths

The Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor Doula Package is an excellent option for:

  • First-Time Mothers
  • VBAC Mothers
  • Families searching for guidance and information
  • Mothers with more than 4 weeks before their estimated birth time
  • Families with basic to limited knowledge of birth physiology and the birth industry
  • Families undecided of birth location and/or care provider
  • Families planning a birth center or hospital birth
  • Mothers with previous birth or life trauma
  • Mothers fearful of birth trauma, pain, manipulation and coercion from care providers and birth facilities
  • Mothers timid or shy with new experiences, people, and/or places
  • Mothers experiencing a high stress pregnancy or life situation

Keep in mind that doula packages are based on your personal needs and are more specifically discussed during consultations and as we lay out our doula-client agreement.  Prices are estimates and add-on options are available.

Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor Doula Package Description

As a perinatal mentor, I provide you with thorough education and support and nurture a connected relationship over the course of your pregnancy which enhances my ability to support you and your family through a trusted relationship.   A comprehensively holistic birth class with Esali Birth ensures you have the information that is the most helpful to achieving a happy healthy birth in whatever environment you choose and makes sure we're on the same page with what routines may be presented to you that may or may not match your personal birth philosophy.  I come to you during labor whenever you desire my presence, whether that be at home or your desired birth location.  If you're preparing for a home birth and transfer is needed or desired, I will transfer with you.

  • 20 hours birth mentoring sessions (a full birth series or private custom Q&A and mentoring - locally and/or online)
  • Access to the complete online self-paced perinatal Esali Birth Class until you birth your baby
  • Attendance at prenatal appointments and/or prenatal support at your home for optimal fetal positioning and alignment, birth counseling and general prenatal support (amount is determined by you)
  • Full labor support until first breastfeeding latch and you're ready for private family bonding (with guidance on gentle latch techniques and what to look for over the first few days)
  • Birth photography with all digital files and printing rights (limited - your support will be the first priority)
  • Postpartum visit for birth counseling, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care within the first 1-2 weeks after the birth
  • Unlimited messaging and phone support

Price Approximates:

  • Home Birth - $1500
  • Hospital or Birth Center - $1750

The final cost of this packaged is based on the specifics of your desires for support including the number of prenatal appointments you desire, your birth location and if you are a former doula client.

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