Birth Methods

ID-100117137Esali Birth is not a childbirth method, but a philosophy.  A belief that the mother has a significant influence in her perinatal experience and the choices she makes (including the choice to not do something) will be a part of that journey.  Historically, childbirth classes focus on methods for dealing with labor sensations with some “methods” incorporating additional information like nutrition and doulas and birth guides.  What sets Esali Birth apart is the focus on the choices as the priority.  We cover all birth locations and care providers and have a strong belief that a birth guide does very little to change the choice that you make – choices supporting your birth philosophy first.  Fighting during your perinatal experience – whether that’s in terms of actual arguments or simple disagreements – is far from what you want, and need, during this delicate time in your life.

There isn’t even a doula that can make you healthy, make your obstetrician stay hands off, or make your home birth perfect.  It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, there are no guarantees.  We have to get to both this level of understanding, and comfort.  It doesn’t matter if someone signs the birth “plan” – if you aren’t staying healthy and choosing people to be with you that wholeheartedly support biological birth, then you’re not going to have a biological birth experience.  Maybe you don’t want a biological birth experience – and that’s your choice, too.  You should know how that choice will affect you and your baby.  That’s what Esali Birth believes in… that you are capable of handling the truth, the wide ranges of choices (from unassisted birth to elective cesareans), and how this affects the health and happiness of the family unit.

I get a lot of people entering my classes asking about relaxation “techniques” or what’s the “method” you teach… etc.  This perspective is entirely missing the point – and I’m thrilled when these people enter my classes!  I will talk about relaxation.  I will talk about birth support.  I will talk about breathing.  I will talk about so many influences you can bring into the birth space.  But, what we will focus on most is the body’s amazing ability to handle labor.  That YOU can handle labor.  That when you make choices that support biological birth, your body works the way it is intended.  That when you follow your instincts, you are taken on an amazing journey that you can manage.  That when you treat labor and birth like the mammalian, primal, spiritual experience that it was intended to be, your body’s physiology will work in ways you never thought possible.  Your endorphins will rise.  Your oxytocin will surge.  And these hormones will dance together in a pattern that NO outside influence can better coordinate.

Birth is from within.  It is deep within your spirit where you obtain this energy and love and power.  There isn’t one specific way that birth is supposed to be.  It isn’t supposed to be painful.  It isn’t supposed to be painless.  It isn’t supposed to be beautiful, or disempowering, or enlightening, or uplifting.  It is what it is – and it may be all these things and more.  However, the most amazing thing about birth is that you will create an amazing twist in your journey through life.  How you approach this experience will define what this twist will be for you.

You will learn something about the world through birth.  You will learn something about you, your baby, and those that surround you.  Choose wisely those that surround you.  The intimate bond will be created with the birth support that becomes your protector.  The person that steps up to the plate and looks in your eyes and gives you the confidence that you CAN do this – that this ability is within yourself – will be the person that you will forever be grateful for in this birth.  You'll be bonded with this person because of rises in oxytocin, and have no control over how you feel for them afterwards.  This bond is made for someone that will have a meaningful relationship with the new child.  Often Dad or another care-giver, but often we don't thoughtfully choose this person.  Who do you want that person to be?  That’s what Esali Birth focuses on – that amazing bond between you and the birth team.  We do this in so many ways.  All you need is you, momma – and we want you to know that.  But who you invite into this intimate space can build you up or bring you down.  Choose wisely where your intimate space will be and how you’ll share it.