Birth Professional Training

Birth Professional Training with Esali Birth provides individuals with the ability to offer education and support surrounding the perinatal (pregnancy, childbirth, & postpartum) phases of the childbearing years as well as pre-conception classes, labor and postpartum support, Man2Man support, breastfeeding counseling, doula care, and so much more.  Birth Professional Training with Esali Birth ranges from single continuing education seminars to full Perinatal Mentor-in-a-Box packages.  Training involves pre-conception health (including herbal and holistic wellness), prenatal routines and conditions, physical and emotional health, nutrition, exercise (rather, body movement and alignment), birth philosophy, labor expectations, labor stages and signposts, birth partner support, positive birth choices and techniques, postpartum care and expectations, newborn care, labor support, breastfeeding education and support, consumerism, informed decisions, counseling strategies, teaching strategies, and business strategies.

Birth professional training with Esali Birth is more than a childbirth certification agency.  Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor training provides the opportunity for birth professional training that is all inclusive for childbirth education, doula support, and breastfeeding counseling.  Birth professional training accessible from the comfort of your own home (or park) significantly decreases costs and enables you to put more funds towards your perinatal mentor outreach.  All you need is internet access and a few hours a week for learning with Esali Birth.

There are no other organizations in the world that provide this comprehensive training with complete independent ability for your personal birth business! Start learning with us today!

Birth Professional Training Options

Whether you're being a loving support to a friend or ready to provide complete perinatal mentoring within your community, the options for birth professional training with Esali Birth are complete from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

Birth Mentor as a Pregnancy Resource

Entrepreneur Perinatal Mentor Course

The Entrepreneur Perinatal Mentor course provides mentoring for those interested in starting their own perinatal mentor business. Resources for leading classes and workshops such as class outlines, workshop guidelines presentations, printables, and marketing basics are included upon immediate enrollment into the course.

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Birth Mentor as a Pregnancy Resource

Advanced Perinatal Mentor Course

The Advanced Perinatal Mentor course provides basic mentoring for those interested in becoming a perinatal mentor and for continuing education for childbirth educators, doulas, breastfeeding counselors and those in the perinatal industry. Resources for leading classes and workshops are intended to be developed by the student.

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Support Mentor Course

The Support Mentor course provides basic mentoring for those who may be supporting a friend or family member through a birth and want extra guidance for counseling, education, and support techniques though are not yet desiring to start a business as a perinatal mentor.

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mentoring as it should be

Perinatal Mentor Training is more than just childbirth education or doula support.  Becoming a perinatal mentor is being a doula, a childbirth educator, a TTC counselor, a postpartum counselor, a breastfeeding consultant, a wellness and life coach and so much more including the business knowledge to make it all happen.  We believe mentors should perform like they were hundreds of years ago - with modern professional doula knowledge.

with women - with respect - with wisdom

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Birth Professional Certification

Perinatal mentor training begins the moment you have a passion about families and choices.  If you're here, it has already begun.

As of now, childbirth education and doula support are not regulated fields in the US nor most places across the world.  With quality information sharing, we shouldn't ever expect that to be required - and "certification" is just a thing that makes businesses look official and keep receiving money from their members.  That's right... all of the Lamaze Educators, Bradley Method Educators, Birth Boot Camp Educators, DONA Certified Doulas, and every other "certifying agency" is not a requirement to start supporting or teaching about the childbearing years.  This isn't a bad thing - its just a little misunderstanding and not exactly necessary or always desired.

And that's the question, is it necessary or desired?

Answering this will require a little soul searching and possibly a lot of research to develop your personal birth philosophy and mentoring goals.  Do you want to expand your CV and teach in the biggest hospitals?  Do you want to change the way women feel and believe about birth?  Do you want birth to continue as it is with more regulation? Do you want dads to have the confidence they need to express their biological ability to support their family?  Do you want to volunteer for families?  Do you want to be a part of a doula co-op, doula agency, or run a perinatal services business?  Answering these questions may help you to further decide the path you want to take.

Being a mentor to families is in our DNA.  We were designed to grow, experience, and share with the younger generations and those seeking the skills necessary for biological functions.  Just as birth is biologically normal, so is mentoring.  Occasionally, however, it takes a little extra research to navigate the modern birth industry and cultural influences, including running a business - and that is where Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor Training for Childbirth Educators, Doulas, and Breastfeeding Counselors comes into play.

We do provide certificates of completion for any class our mentors complete.  We provide extensive information, like no other organization, and the materials to get you started with in-depth classes.  We offer resources and tools for seasoned mentors that only want to add to their repertoire. We teach you how to research and develop your own business to grow in this culture while keeping a holistic perspective.  Learning with Esali Birth can be a stepping stone - rather, a leap - to a life-time of opportunities or an enrichment to any other path you are currently enjoying.  One of the great things about learning with Esali Birth is that you will truly be independent.  You will not need to re-certify, pay hundreds of dollars in CEU fees and membership fees, or stress about location constraints during training or for required workshops.  Those continuing education opportunities will come naturally desired to you as you continue this journey - but not as a financial restriction for making your business the best it can be no matter where you find yourself in life.

The more back-to-basics we make training, the more attainable we make the possibility that childbearing wisdom should be accessible to all as an innate understanding because of the wisdom freely shared between casual conversation and loving support.  The marketer in me desires that big-organization awareness... but the spirit in me urges for a slower lifestyle and I would imagine you feel the same.  Ready to explore together?

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