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Reproductive System: Follicular Phase

We previously explored the uterus as a muscle that prepares for childbirth. Now, let’s focus on specific phases of the reproductive cycle and talk about the beginning of reproduction as we work to fully understand the childbearing years. Women have two ovaries near the top of their uterus that hold all the immature eggs (follicles) […]

Essential Oils in the Childbearing Years

I love using whole herbs in their created form, or in a form that is easily used with just a few basic cooking techniques like soups, teas, tinctures, infusions, and salves.  However, when I want something a little extra in strength, without needing a pharmaceutical, I am thankful for essential oils.  What is important to […]

Reproductive System: Uterus

The uterus is an organ that, prior to pregnancy, sits protected in the “bowl” of the pelvis.  It is difficult to palpate externally until you pass the first trimester of pregnancy.  Prior to pregnancy, the uterus is about the size of your fist and slowly grows to the size of… well… whatever size it needs […]

40+ Rules for Pregnancy & the Childbearing Years

I love the book “Food Rules,” which helped me years ago to simplify how I grow, buy, and prepare foods to be healthier and more wholesome.  Sometimes, these simple rules help us to integrate these choices into our life more easily. I thought I would share a list of simple “rules” that can help support […]

Avoiding the Imbalanced Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

The holidays increase intake of sweets, breads, and carbohydrate-rich meals, not only making people feel tired (it’s not the turkey), jittery, and moody, but also contributing to what is commonly called the “flu season,” when in fact it is likely the “sugar season” wreaking havoc on the immune system.  It isn’t the holidays that increase […]

Learning Body Communication with Cycle Tracking

What can we learn about our body’s wellness just by paying attention to the body communication we were created with? Tracking your cycle just doesn’t help you know when your period is likely to come, but also helps you see imbalance in hormones and how your body reacts to your nourishment choices, daily activity and […]

Should I avoid certain foods while breastfeeding?

There are no nourishing foods that mothers should avoid while breastfeeding.  Women all over the world breastfeed while eating a variety of very hot and spicy or fermented foods, high fiber vegetables, allergen-prone foods, and everything in between. Your breastmilk is made in your breasts from your blood, not directly from your food.  Your breasts […]

Supporting Gut Health for Whole Body Health

Our bacterial health is incredibly important for our overall digestive health, immune health, mental health, and fertility.  Without a balanced digestive system, we don’t have the ability to digest food or absorb nutrients from food.  (If you can’t digest nutrients, you may need nutritional I.V. therapy).  The ability to digest and absorb nutrients comes from […]

Childbirth Begins Before Conception

It starts with the soil God gives us and the wisdom we’ve obtained to nurture it.  Once the seed is planted, there’s only so much that weather patterns, watering, fertilizing, and weeding can do for your plants.  Pregnancy and birth are no different and when we have time to amend our soil, we should choose […]

How much salt is healthy in pregnancy?

For so long, people have thought restricting sodium (which comes from salt) is important for heart-health, including during pregnancy.  While rarely this may be necessary, many women don’t get enough salt.  Especially in pregnancy, a low-salt diet can be dangerous.  Your whole body, muscles (like your heart and uterus), and especially your kidneys need adequate […]

Does Calcium Increase Risks in Pregnancy and Birth?

Calcium is vital.  Calcium helps create strong bones and teeth, helps muscles contract, helps blood to clot normally, and helps to maintain normal heart rhythms and nerve function.  Calcium doesn’t do this alone, though, and getting a balanced mineral intake is very important including magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, and many others. We currently understand that […]

What is Dad’s Role in the Childbearing Year?

Let go of your fear. Show quiet, calm, patience, and kindness. Let go of your desire to control or fix the birth.   What is Dad’s Role IN PREGNANCY It is helpful to join in for the first visit with the midwife, and at least one visit to talk about how birth works and what […]

Balancing Blood Sugar

Balanced health is a lifestyle choice, and ideal blood sugar is central to that balance.  So many choices that families make today include processed foods high in carbs and often low in protein (and nutrition) and lead to many of our common illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, adrenal and thyroid imbalances, gut dysbiosis, autoimmunity, hyperactivity […]

Benefits of Early Prenatal Care

What is the point of prenatal care? Because that’s what people say you should do? To check your blood pressure?  Why? To make sure someone will catch the baby? To listen to baby’s heart tones?  What do baby’s heart tones tell you? To confirm what you’re already feeling? To tell you what supplements to take? […]

Preparation for Miscarriage

Approximately 50% of all pregnancies end in in the first trimester, usually occurring before Mom knows she is pregnant.  Usually, miscarriage is due to genetic factors of the parents and it is not necessarily considered abnormal as not all babies are meant to survive.  Sometimes, the birth of the baby and placenta from a first […]

What Supplements are Needed in Pregnancy?

Last month, we talked about Whole Real Food in pregnancy; however, most of us are going to need to take supplements and the kind of supplements you take really matter.  You’re not going to get many benefits out of a poor-quality supplement and over-supplementing isn’t going to help you or your baby either. A supplement […]

Thriving on Real Food in Pregnancy

If you couldn’t buy any food or storage items – no flour, no jars, nothing – what would you eat?  You would rely heavily on wild foods.  The food that grows where God naturally nourishes its seeds… where they grow without our placement, nurturing, weeding, or sprays.  What foods would be the most abundant?  What […]

How Much Water Do I Need in Pregnancy?

A person can only live about 3 days without water.  Thirst, the first sign of dehydration, can occur in just a few hours of low water intake.  In less than 24 hours of less-than-ideal water intake, our urine starts to become yellow, more cloudy, higher in bacteria, our body’s cells start to dry out, our […]

Birthing Your Placenta and The Golden Hour

The birth of the placenta isn’t talked about much when women share birth stories.  In fact, even in the most unhindered births, the birth of the placenta is often still managed by the midwife and mothers don’t expect they will have much of a role in this part.  Even knowing the delicate nature of this […]

End of Pregnancy Birth Prep Formulas

Do I really need an end of pregnancy birth prep? NO. Really, it’s that simple. There is no special formula to safely make it easier… Your daily nutritional and lifestyle choices are ALL that your body should need to prepare for a healthy spontaneous straightforward labor, birth, and postpartum. There are no products I would […]

Assessing & Treating Oral Restrictions

Did you know, for babies, breastfeeding is a vital sign?  All babies should nurse within 1 hour of being born.  They should also be able to crawl up the mother’s abdomen when she is in a reclined position, and latch onto the breast all on their own.  They should be able to easily stay latched, […]


What is the best way to approach, prevent, and heal from various illnesses like COVID-19?  This is an update to a post I did early in 2020 with more knowledge and experience over the past two years.  While most people will only experience mild symptoms with COVID-19, it can spread to someone that will become […]

Miscarriage Care and Early Pregnancy Support

At least 50% of pregnancies end in the first trimester; many before a mother even knows she has conceived as she may experience what seems like a heavier than normal menses.  Most miscarriages are caused by toxin overload, genetic, or otherwise unknown, reasons and nothing we do can prevent the progression.  However, when nutrition or [...]

Preventing Pre-Eclampsia

A healthy blood volume prior to pregnancy is around 5 liters (5,000 cc or about 20 cups).  In the first trimester, we can help determine a healthy blood volume by doing lab work and seeing a Hemoglobin between 12 and 16 (somewhere around 14 is excellent for women where I serve in the Mid-Ohio Valley) […]

First Moments of Breastfeeding

Most women rarely see a newborn nurse immediately after birth aside from their own baby and are surprised to find how different it is than nursing an older baby.  A newborn’s head bobs up and down quite a bit as they completely rely on development and instincts to learn how to breastfeed.  Though, it feels […]

Let’s TACO’bout the Membranes

The membranes belong to your baby.  They are newly created for each baby, just like the placenta is newly created for each baby.  They transfer nutrients and hormones between mom and baby, and protect baby while they grow and while you labor. “Breaking your water” increases the risks of fetal distress, maternal and fetal infection, […]

Nourishment is the New Routine in Prenatal Care

Safe doesn’t exist.  But, nourished bodies do. If you haven’t heard me say it before, you’re hearing it now.  There are no guarantees in maternity care (or life).  Much of western standard routines have no basis in evidence and even those that are supported with evidence have no guarantees of being able to prevent or […]

Home Birth Supplies & Emergency Birth Prep

For women planning a home birth since early in their pregnancy, or through a desire late in pregnancy to be in the comfort of their own home, planning for a home birth can seem exciting.  However, for families that might need to make a quick change of plans due to fear of their desired birth […]

Transformaide Labor Tea

Hydration during labor is very important.  Hydration in labor feels good.  Hydration in labor keeps us safe.  Hydration in labor nourishes baby.  Hydration in labor prevents complications.  Hydration in the form of commercial sports drinks…  meh, not so good. So, what’s the alternative?  Fortunately, there are a lot of natural commercial drinks available, but they […]

Motivational Tea Scrolls {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Motivational Tea Scrolls can be printed free, clipped, and added to each cup of herbal tea (or your favorite relaxing drink) for daily inspiration.  Various formats from quotes, tip, scripture...etc., plus new additions regularly, will keep your daily cuppa inspirational for pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. Add motivational tea scrolls to gifted tea blends for blessingways, [...]

What I Learned from the Dr Jack Newman Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding struggles are the same across the modern world. Last week, I visited the Dr. Jack Newman International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto, Canada.  Making beds up in the clinic rooms, talking to moms about their struggles (even the ones who had absolutely no clue just how famous this tiny little clinic was), holding flashlights for […]

Herbs Safe for Pregnancy

Pregnancy safe herbs are easy to find.  If you’re pregnant, this may be the first time you’ve tasted the herbal waters as you look for ways to improve your nourishment or find a warm alternative to your morning cuppa.  Learning more about how to safely select and use herbs in pregnancy and throughout the childbearing […]

Mushroom Herbal Coffee (and Hot Chocolate) Recipe

Mushroom Coffee?  Herbal Coffee?  Mushroom Hot Chocolate?  No way, you say? Coffee.  Caffeine.  Morning Cuppa.  Chai.  [Black] Tea.  What is it about those deep dark flavorful aromas that we love to fill our sit down and sip time?  Why is it that with all the energy-boosting methods out there, we turn to caffeine the most?  […]

What a Doula Does

A doula perinatal mentor is like your best friend.  Remember that love you had growing up with a friend that would listen to all your stories, ideas, and imaginary worlds you snail-mailed to each other?  Remember when you were sad, and she gave you a hug?  Remember when you had a question, and she’d help […]

Birth Location Selection Guide

Choosing the best birth location for your birth is an individual choice.  Having a friend or family member that liked a birth location won’t tell you what that birth location can do for you.  The best way to choose the best birth location for your birth is to take a tour of the location and […]

Childbirth Care Provider Selection Guide

Choosing the best care provider for your birth is an individual choice.  Having a friend or family member that liked a care provider won’t tell you what that care provider can do for you.  The best way to choose the best care provider for your birth is to interview at least one home birth provider […]

6 Foods to Add for a Healthy Pregnancy

What’s your food vice?  What is your food you feel you need every day, multiple times a day, or multiple times a week that isn’t totally nourishing?  No worries – we’re going to focus on foods to add for a healthy pregnancy, not foods to eliminate. It’s easy to tell someone what not to do.  […]

Crunchy Granola

This is my family’s favorite lightly sweetened (no sugar) granola. 2 Cups Rolled Oats 2-4 Tablespoons Honey 4 Tablespoons Butter 1/2 Cup Sliced Almonds 1/2 Cup Pepitas (unsalted) 1/2 Cup Dried Fruit Melt the honey and butter together.  Pour over the oats and toss until coated.  Layer the oat mixture on a stone pan and […]

Choice to Make Birth Choices

You ALWAYS have a choice in birth, in pregnancy, as a parent.  Always.  Even when it appears that there are no choices available for your birth, you still get to make the choice to make a choice, or not.  You get to decide if you want to learn something new, try something untried, travel, be […]

5 Ways to Create a Healthy Birth in Any Birth Location

It is common for mothers to hear the word “doula” and a birth story that goes along with it and believe the doula was the most important part of the positive birth experience.  While a doula does provide a level of trust and comfort to a mother, this would be typical of most anyone that […]

Birth Baggage and How to Unpack

Birth baggage, we all carry it even when we’re planning a first birth.  We’ve seen a movie, read a book, heard someone’s birth story.  We’ve listened to our mother or father tell our own birth stories.  Perhaps we even have suppressed memories from our birth that we don’t even know we’re remembering and reliving. No […]

Historical Influences on Birth

Historical Birth Influences – what are they? So many times, our modern culture focuses on the fact that cesareans are now a choice and the technology and skills have improved.  So many times, birth in the modern world is promoted because we have epidurals and obstetricians and… well, those aspects cannot be denied.  However, I […]

New Beginnings New Approaches to Birth

Well hello 2018!  It’s been a glorious week.  We’ve seen glitter snow, went sleigh riding, and at my house we’ve started new community adventures. What is new for you in this new year?  What are you adding new to your TTC, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting routine?  What new outlooks do you have for […]

6 Magical Methods to Speed up Labor Naturally

In a medical setting, keeping labor to a 12 hour time frame is fairly typical to move patients in and out and avoid long-drawn out labors.  Many times providers and facilities are using a very outdated (misled) method of assessing labor and have coupled that with techniques of increasing facility income by number of patients […]

5 Ways Doulas say Thanks

Doulas can have a challenging job and networking is vital to a positive imagine throughout the community.  Speak up for the families, and you’re bound to get some negative perspectives on your work in the birth industry, depending on the perspectives of the birth professionals where you work.  Lay low and you may not be […]

Increase Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

Many breastfeeding mothers of the western and modern world wonder how to increase milk supply.  Maybe you were given a nipple shield quickly after birth or you use a pacifier (for any reason).  Maybe you’re just trying to keep baby on a routine schedule, night weaning or feel overwhelmed and need a break.  These are […]

DIY Prenatal Care Builds Confidence

DIY Prenatal care builds confidence, builds understanding of physiology (and imbalance), and improves outcomes.  Prenatal care is more than the 8-10 visits you have with a practitioner before birth.  Prenatal care includes all the choices you make between these visits.  For a healthy mom and baby, the most beneficial part of prenatal care is wellness [...]

Postpartum Anxiety Natural Prevention and Treatment

Postpartum anxiety is an ever growing illness, particularly in western cultures and stemming from western lifestyles that create adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, overload and shutdown.  Due to the nature of our culture, more women experience postpartum anxiety than men, but this is certainly an illness that can be seen in dads and other supportive persons of […]

How to Push Baby Without Suggestions

How to Push Baby You know you better than anyone else.  You can push baby without any direction – in the most gentle way or with all your might.  Yes, even as a first time mother.  If you remember nothing else for birth, this is the most important.  It isn’t about empowerment – it is […]

10 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Doulas and Midwives

Gifts for doulas and midwives aren’t just for the holidays but a lovely gesture to say, “Thank You” for their support.  Doulas and midwives love hearing from the families they have supported and seeing where their new journey is taking them.  Here are 10 extra thoughtful gifts for doulas and midwives that really show insight […]

Relieve Pregnancy Headache Naturally

Headaches in pregnancy are common, but as with most “symptoms” of pregnancy, they shouldn’t be expected.   In most cases, pregnancy headaches are caused from dehydration and hormonal imbalances – not just from pregnancy changes but underlying nutritional issues.  There are a lot of natural ways to remedy a pregnancy headache; here are a few. Hydrate […]

Thrush Treatment and Prevention While Breastfeeding

Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast in a baby’s mouth which often transfers onto mom’s nipples.  For a breastfeeding mother, this can mean a lot of discomfort and may lead some mothers to stop breastfeeding if it does not get addressed.  It is quite common for thrush to be misdiagnosed or only treated with antifungal […]

How to Have an Independent Birth

Independent birth is a new term overtaking the unassisted birth world.  Many actually imagine the choice of indie birth to be one where a mother is alone during birth or without a care provider or at home or any specific set of “guidelines” that indicate you can use the trendy term.  However, independent birth is […]

Delicious Date Sweetened Nut Butter No Bake Cookies

I love food – all of it.  There are things I don’t like of course, but I don’t discriminate based on savory, sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey, chewey, comforty…. YUMMY food!  I also really don’t like processed sugar.  My family started cutting back the sweets and baked goods years ago, and my kids especially don’t get […]

Listen to these Audible Books for Doulas

Audible books for doulas are a great way to add depth to professional doula training, continuing education, and pleasure reading for birth pros including midwives and birth educators.  I'm a fan of Kindle books, digital books, and other ebook options and we use our local digital library regularly for homeschooling and general reading.  However, it [...]

12 Tips for Prepping Postpartum Meals

Not everyone can hire a postpartum doula, nor has the family and friends able, willing or experienced to help during the postpartum weeks.  Often, Dad must return to work within a week and Mom is left alone at home.  Even with two parents home, taking care of one child, let alone multiple, can be an […]

4 Special Ways to Involve Siblings at Birth

There are a lot of discussions about the ways to involve siblings at birth: Should we?  Is it harmful?  Will they bother mom too much?  Will they be scarred for life?  Most of these questions stem from a culture that puts a veil over a lot of normal life functions and discussions and instead plays […]

Flu Fighting Favorites for Pregnancy

It’s getting close to the colder months as we wind down summer and that means it’s time to start thinking about prenatal flu remedies.  Why now and not in winter?  Now is when we prevent our bodies from being overtaken by cold and flu viruses, especially if you’ve been indulging a little too much this […]

3 Super Easy DIY Herbal Remedies for New Moms

For many of us, pregnancy is the first time in our life we start thinking in more natural ways.  Maybe we swayed towards DIY or natural before, but being a new mom really makes us start thinking about our impact the choices we make have on others.  Here are some must-have DIY Herbal Remedies for […]

Iron Supplement Natural Options that Won’t Constipate

Receiving an iron supplement is incredibly common in modern pregnancies.  The intention is that they will prevent prenatal anemia and as such prevent complications of childbirth such as postpartum hemorrhage.  Unfortunately, much of modern obstetrics have totally missed the mark on perinatal health and wellness, especially when it comes to iron supplement options, necessities, and […]

PGP and SPD Pain and 5 Tips for Comfort

PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) occur when there is some sort of strain on the muscles and ligaments that support the pelvis, typically resulting from a lifetime of misalignment causing weakness, particularly in upper body and core strength as well as pelvic tilt.  PGP is a generic term for all pelvis […]

Allergies in Pregnancy and Tips for Soothing

Allergies in pregnancy are common, often even being felt for the first time in our lives.  Why is this?  Our energy is being used to grow a baby, and that means balanced nutrition is even more crucial than before.  Likewise, allergies may continue on after pregnancy if you remained stressed, overscheduled, or low on nourishment. […]

25 Reasons Home Birth Might be Right for You

Home Birth on Your Research List? While I don’t encourage clients to “plan” for a specific style of birth, deciding a comfortable birth location is a part of the prenatal research process.  The fact is, we can’t plan birth – we can’t dictate exactly what will happen including the place we will actually birth – […]

Banana Sweetened Recipes for a Healthy Sweet Fix

Banana sweetened foods are the perfect fix for your sweet tooth with the ability to add moisture and denisty, the caramelization we love from crystal sugar, plus fiber and nutrients crucial to smooth digestion without added sugar.  Most “no-sugar” recipes use synthetic sugars, processed stevia, honey, or maple syrup, but those condensed forms don’t provide […]

Doula Bag – Items to Support Laboring Mothers

Labor Doula Bag Basics When it comes to the basics, your doula bag should carry items for you (food, extra clothes, unique tools for supporting…etc.).  A labor bag that the parents pack should carry items for them (think toiletries, extra clothes, birth ball, food, money…etc.).  The best items in a doula bag or general labor […]

Prenatal Acne Natural Remedies and Prevention

Prenatal acne doesn’t have to be an expected part of pregnancy Most symptoms of underlying conditions in pregnancy are treated the same – as an expected part of this phase of life.  Like these other symptoms, prenatal acne is an indicator of more than a skin-deep issue.  It isn’t uncommon, either, for us to have […]

Estimated Due Date {EDD} Inaccuracies

Due Date Inaccuracies and Methods of Guessing Baby’s Birth Time First things first, EDD actually doesn’t mean “Due Date” it means Estimated Date of Delivery.  That’s just as disgusting though, really, all the numbers just point to a big jumbled mess of misinformation.  However, an estimate is sometimes very helpful because it not only allows […]

Mommy Brain Tips for Better Postpartum

Mommy Brain have you in a fog these days?  It’s no secret mothers (and fathers) experience a brain change after welcoming a child into their lives.  It starts with hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the neurological development often shifts the focus of prior careers and hobbies to survival – sometimes to the extreme of adrenal […]

Plugged Ducts Treatment and Prevention While Breastfeeding

Plugged Ducts Prevention and Treatment Tips The best remedy for plugged ducts is prevention which starts with the first latch in the first hour or so after birth, adequate support during those first days, and no practices that limit the baby’s time at the breast.  Moms need to understand basic milk removal early in the […]

U.S. Women Have Higher Chance of Vaginal Birth When Choosing Home Birth

Vaginal Birth Location Vaginal birth location is influenced by many factors.  U.S. Women can expect an approximate 94% chance of vaginal birth when planning to birth at home.  Only approximately 68% of women planning hospital birth will have a vaginal birth in the hospital. Amnesty International reported in 2011 that cesarean births were at an […]

Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements – Are they Necessary?

Prenatal vitamins and supplements seem to be a main food group in many modern cultures, but are they really necessary? Nourishment is certainly an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and that most definitely includes pregnancy.  Prenatal vitamins, mostly for folic acid, are commonly recommended to all women of childbearing age with the idea to […]

Mother’s Day Esali 5k 2017 Race Results

Wow, what a day!  Such beautiful weather and so many out enjoying the race for SO MANY wonderful reasons.  I LOVE hearing WHY people attend our race… not just because they’re racing – but because they’re racing FOR someone… or with someone… or for many people.  The stories are always a great part of being […]

Postpartum Meals – Sausage and Kale Soup

Prepping for baby with postpartum meals is a great activity to get started around 35 weeks gestation.  A baby shower or blessingway is a great opportunity to start asking for [healthy] meals to stick in the freezer.  There are also many meal train websites for coordinating dates when the actual time arrives. If you've ever [...]

Esali Birth to Host 9th Annual Mother’s Day 5k for Birth and Breastfeeding

PRESS RELEASE – Ravenswood, WV – March 24, 2017 – Esali Birth to host 9th Annual Mother’s Day 5k in Belpre, OH on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 14th at the Civitan Park. The MD5k is a stroller-friendly beginner’s level course with walker and runner categories, along the Ohio River and is part of the River […]

5 Must Do Prenatal Movements

Prenatal movement is equally necessary for a healthy birth as nutrition.  Unfortunately, chiropractic care has been touted as the supreme fix for prenatal discomfort.  While chiropractic care can certainly have its benefits and uses for pregnancy, it is often a result of poor movement practices that cause the misalignment in the first place and without […]

Belly to Belly Breastfeeding

Laid back nursing and biological breastfeeding positions might not always come easy.  You may not always have a couch to lean back on or a bed to side nurse.  What if you’re living life normally, out at a restaurant, or just want to change positions and nurse in an upright position?  Check out this video […]

Detoxing and Fasting while Breastfeeding or Pregnant

Detox in the Childbearing Years Whether it’s routine seasonal cleaning or a general new awareness of the importance of detoxification – detox programs are a hot topic for millennials and the foundation of so many modern health trends.  Reducing toxins improves whole body function, including optimal immune function.  Get sick a lot and/or generally feel […]

Belly Dancing for Birth

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of the mommas dancing their way through their labors and births.  I’m sure you’ve found it funny, maybe you even tried it.  Maybe you’re one of the ones that found amazing benefits, even just for comfort, from moving your pelvis.  In fact, most of us that have tried this in […]

The Newborn’s Liver

As I sit here this morning… much earlier than I’d like after a night without the kids… drinking an herbal energizing, cleansing, and nourishing tea blend… I start thinking about how many newborns are diagnosed with “reflux” without ever getting down to the root cause.  I’m not really sure what prompted the thought, but nevertheless, […]

Brewer Diet

Dr. Brewer no doubt did a lot of research on nutritional links to prenatal health.  He was a wise man to stress the importance of nutritional intake to prevent complications.  However, it is important to keep a few things in mind if advocating his specific diet plan… such as actually knowing what you’re advocating, believing […]

A Letter to Mothers

Dear Amazing You, There is only one you.  There is only one of each child.  They are each different.  They are each created from a warm womb filled with more than nutrition.  Their genes have been influenced for many generations, especially since their grandmother’s pregnancy.  Her health and experience has influenced who they are today.  […]

New Look at Women’s Health

OK, so, not so new in the grand scheme of things, but to many women out there, they are given the same ole’ same ole’ treatments for symptoms when underlying problems exist.  In this post, I’m just going to list some commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated women’s health issues with some correlating articles for your research.  Start […]

Sleep Cycles

ID-10073852Waking up groggy? Feeling de-energized? Annoyed and hateful when something, or someone, wakes you up? Any depression symptoms? It’s time to check your sleep cycles!

Pregnancy Blessingway Host

Blessingways honor and support a mother through one of the most empowering experiences of her life.  Unlike a babyshower, a blessingway focuses on the mother to provider her with positive energy and a circle of support during the perinatal stages. The goal of a blessingway is to create an empowering and positive energy within your […]

Postpartum Belly Binding

Postpartum Belly Binding Bellybinding helps to comfortably position your uterus, and supporting tissue, through involution (the uterus going back to it's pre-pregnancy size) after the birth of your baby.  Traditional Malaysian style Bengkung Belly Binding (which is different than using a corset) supports from the ribs, over the abdomen, and to the pelvic girdle, for [...]