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Allergies in Pregnancy and Tips for Soothing

Allergies in pregnancy are common, often even being felt for the first time in our lives.  Why is this?  Our energy is being used to grow a baby, and that means balanced nutrition is even more crucial than before.  Likewise, allergies may continue on after pregnancy if you remained stressed, overscheduled, or low on nourishment.

Basics of Allergies in Pregnancy

First things first.  Look at your schedule.  Are you working full time?  How much help do you have with the normal daily tasks of your life?  Are you running around, joining all

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Birth Sucks Sometimes – Our Secret Garden

Ever just felt like pregnancy and birth sucks and you’re tired of keeping those thoughts to yourself?

Along the wall, behind the ivy, you’ll find a hidden door… inside is a hidden world of ancient beauty, anticipation and hard work.

In this garden, anything goes.

You’re excited.  You’ve plastered your walls with positive mantra posters.  You’ve encouraged all your friends to take birth classes.  You have a doula.  Maybe you’re birthing in a birth center or at home.  You think positive about your pregnancy and birth.  You’ve prepped for natural birth.  Maybe you’ve

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Doula Bag – Items to Support Laboring Mothers

Labor Doula Bag Basics

When it comes to the basics, your doula bag should carry items for you (food, extra clothes, unique tools for supporting…etc.).  A labor bag that the parents pack should carry items for them (think toiletries, extra clothes, birth ball, food, money…etc.).  The best items in a doula bag or general labor bag really depend on the types of women and births you most often attend and the style of care you provide.  I’m mostly using my hands and my presence while supporting births, but it is nice

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Prenatal Acne Natural Remedies and Prevention

Prenatal acne doesn’t have to be an expected part of pregnancy

Most symptoms of underlying conditions in pregnancy are treated the same – as an expected part of this phase of life.  Like these other symptoms, prenatal acne is an indicator of more than a skin-deep issue.  It isn’t uncommon, either, for us to have similar underlying issues being displayed in various symptoms depending on our personal constitution.  Though hormonal changes of pregnancy may play a role in experiencing prenatal acne, this isn’t the real cause.  Our body was designed to

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25 Reasons Home Birth Might be Right for You

Home Birth on Your Research List?

While I don’t encourage clients to “plan” for a specific style of birth, deciding a comfortable birth location is a part of the prenatal research process.  The fact is, we can’t plan birth – we can’t dictate exactly what will happen including the place we will actually birth – but we can prepare for birth with the understanding of the options at every birth location, including birthing at home (even if preparing for birth in a hospital).  When determining a laboring and birthing location that

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Esali Birth Pregnancy Bags Inside



PRESS RELEASE – Esali Birth to Provide Free Pregnancy Bags to Mothers of the Mid Ohio Valley


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Ravenswood, WV –June 26, 2017 – Esali Birth, an organization that provides holistic education and support to families of the childbearing year, will be using funds raised from the 2017 Esali Mother’s Day 5k to provide mothers of the Mid-Ohio Valley with an amazing free resource useful for pregnancy through the early years of parenting.  The Esali Birth Pregnancy Bags are filled with information, samples, and made with a handmade baby

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Estimated Due Date {EDD} Inaccuracies

Due Date Inaccuracies and Methods of Guessing Baby’s Birth Time

First things first, EDD actually doesn’t mean “Due Date” it means Estimated Date of Delivery.  That’s just as disgusting though, really, all the numbers just point to a big jumbled mess of misinformation.  However, an estimate is sometimes very helpful because it not only allows a birth team to guess when they might be needed, but it also helps a provider compare gestational development with other babies of the same age to increase their ability of ruling out complications.  Ultimately, though,

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Banana Sweetened Recipes for a Healthy Sweet Fix

Banana sweetened foods are the perfect fix for your sweet tooth with the ability to add moisture and denisty, the caramelization we love from crystal sugar, plus fiber and nutrients crucial to smooth digestion without added sugar.  Most “no-sugar” recipes use synthetic sugars, processed stevia, honey, or maple syrup, but those condensed forms don’t provide the whole food nourishment our body, and baby craves.

Bananas are super sweet, but low on the glycemic index due to their fiber content and water-soluble pectin that aids in healthy digestion (a property that increases

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Mommy Brain Tips for Better Postpartum

Mommy Brain have you in a fog these days?  It’s no secret mothers (and fathers) experience a brain change after welcoming a child into their lives.  It starts with hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the neurological development often shifts the focus of prior careers and hobbies to survival – sometimes to the extreme of adrenal exhaustion in many western cultures where support is few and far between (or at least not geared towards healthy family development).

You’ve heard many mother’s joke that they lost their brain during the birth, but this

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Plugged Ducts Treatment and Prevention While Breastfeeding

Plugged Ducts Prevention and Treatment Tips

The best remedy for plugged ducts is prevention which starts with the first latch in the first hour or so after birth, adequate support during those first days, and no practices that limit the baby’s time at the breast.  Moms need to understand basic milk removal early in the breastfeeding relationship to prevent plugged ducts, prevent mastitis, and prevent various common breastfeeding issues such as milk supply and nipple pain.

Causes of Plugged Ducts – Plugged Ducts vs. Mastitis

This is a peeve of mine… just about

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