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PRESS RELEASE – Esali Birth to Provide Free Pregnancy Bags to Mothers of the Mid Ohio Valley


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Ravenswood, WV –June 26, 2017 – Esali Birth, an organization that provides holistic education and support to families of the childbearing year, will be using funds raised from the 2017 Esali Mother’s Day 5k to provide mothers of the Mid-Ohio Valley with an amazing free resource useful for pregnancy through the early years of parenting.  The Esali Birth Pregnancy Bags are filled with information, samples, and made with a handmade baby

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Estimated Due Date {EDD} Inaccuracies

Due Date Inaccuracies and Methods of Guessing Baby’s Birth Time

First things first, EDD actually doesn’t mean “Due Date” it means Estimated Date of Delivery.  That’s just as disgusting though, really, all the numbers just point to a big jumbled mess of misinformation.  However, an estimate is sometimes very helpful because it not only allows a birth team to guess when they might be needed, but it also helps a provider compare gestational development with other babies of the same age to increase their ability of ruling out complications.  Ultimately, though,

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Mommy Brain Tips for Better Postpartum

Mommy Brain have you in a fog these days?  It’s no secret mothers (and fathers) experience a brain change after welcoming a child into their lives.  It starts with hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the neurological development often shifts the focus of prior careers and hobbies to survival – sometimes to the extreme of adrenal exhaustion in many western cultures where support is few and far between (or at least not geared towards healthy family development).

You’ve heard many mother’s joke that they lost their brain during the birth, but this

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Plugged Ducts Treatment and Prevention While Breastfeeding

Plugged Ducts Prevention and Treatment Tips

The best remedy for plugged ducts is prevention which starts with the first latch in the first hour or so after birth, adequate support during those first days, and no practices that limit the baby’s time at the breast.  Moms need to understand basic milk removal early in the breastfeeding relationship to prevent plugged ducts, prevent mastitis, and prevent various common breastfeeding issues such as milk supply and nipple pain.

Causes of Plugged Ducts – Plugged Ducts vs. Mastitis

This is a peeve of mine… just about

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Vaginal Birth by Location Rates Esali Birth



U.S. Women Have Higher Chance of Vaginal Birth When Choosing Home Birth

Vaginal Birth Location

Vaginal birth location is influenced by many factors.  U.S. Women can expect an approximate 94% chance of vaginal birth when planning to birth at home.  Only approximately 68% of women planning hospital birth will have a vaginal birth in the hospital.

Amnesty International reported in 2011 that cesarean births were at an all time high in the U.S. of 32.9%.

The CDC told us in 2015, 32% of women birthed by cesarean a decrease from prior years.

Improving Birth tells us 33% of women across the U.S. have a cesarean birth

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Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements – Are they Necessary?

Prenatal vitamins and supplements seem to be a main food group in many modern cultures, but are they really necessary?

Nourishment is certainly an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and that most definitely includes pregnancy.  Prenatal vitamins, mostly for folic acid, are commonly recommended to all women of childbearing age with the idea to help prevent neural tube defects.  Unfortunately, we are seeing increases in conditions such as autism and other brain disorders as well as cancer all related to folic acid (and also exacerbated from ultrasounds, medications, birth methods,

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esali5k 2017



Mother’s Day Esali 5k 2017 Race Results

Wow, what a day!  Such beautiful weather and so many out enjoying the race for SO MANY wonderful reasons.  I LOVE hearing WHY people attend our race… not just because they’re racing – but because they’re racing FOR someone… or with someone… or for many people.  The stories are always a great part of being involved with the race.  Here are the results – hope you enjoyed your day!

Thank you again to all our sponsors, especially Kraton of Belpre, OH and Star Plastics of Ravenswood, WV!!!

Thank you soooo much to

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Postpartum Meals – Sausage and Kale Soup

Prepping for baby with postpartum meals is a great activity to get started around 35 weeks gestation.  A baby shower or blessingway is a great opportunity to start asking for [healthy] meals to stick in the freezer.  There are also many meal train websites for coordinating dates when the actual time arrives.

If you’ve ever received doula care from me, you probably know just how much I love Sausage and Kale soup.  To be honest, it obviously isn’t the healthiest option – but it does pack a nutrient punch and is

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Pregnancy Cravings and What they Really Mean

Pregnancy cravings and what they really mean
Would you like a chocolate covered pickle with that?

From beer to midnight rushes to the stores, pregnant women everywhere experience cravings.  Stories abound about this common pregnancy “symptom” – but what do these crazy cravings really mean?

Let’s talk nutrition basics.

Every day needs to be balanced with protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  While that’s a good rule of thumb to follow, we can get those three things with a big slice of cake or candy bar.  Cake is fun for the first birthday but it’s not

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Restriction of Water for Laboring Mothers Feels Like Torture


Just kidding. At least for marathon runners.  For laboring women, well, that’s a different story in the Mid-Ohio Valley and across many U.S. hospitals.

On average, it takes between 4-5 hours for a marathon runner to complete the Boston Marathon with multiple water stops along the way.  They’re expending ample amounts of energy, it only makes sense, right?

Annually, Esali Birth hosts the Mother’s Day 5k to help provide education and awareness for healthier and happier birth and breastfeeding experiences across

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