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5 Ways Doulas say Thanks

Doulas can have a challenging job and networking is vital to a positive imagine throughout the community.  Speak up for the families, and you’re bound to get some negative perspectives on your work in the birth industry, depending on the perspectives of the birth professionals where you work.  Lay low and you may not be meeting the needs of the family’s that really need your empowered educated voice.  Remember in most births, even if your job scopes and perspectives differ – the family is hiring all the professionals involved to

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visual birth guide Esali Birth



FREE Holistic Visual Birth Guide Download

A birth guide can be a valuable tool in the birth space.  Often referred to as a birth plan, the birth guide terminology is often better received by providers as it implies the acknowledgment that births cannot be planned.  The birth plan term has a bad reputation due to the way they are all too often presented and used.  Often in a militant perspective, families present a birth plan with the believe that a signature on that plan will guarantee a certain style of birth.  Unfortunately, this is not the

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increase milk supply breastfeeding Esali Birth



Increase Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

Many breastfeeding mothers of the western and modern world wonder how to increase milk supply.  Maybe you were given a nipple shield quickly after birth or you use a pacifier (for any reason).  Maybe you’re just trying to keep baby on a routine schedule, night weaning or feel overwhelmed and need a break.  These are some of the most common reasons for a decrease in milk supply.  Increasing milk supply is often a matter of putting baby on the breast at the first sign of hunger.  However, sometimes for known

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DIY Prenatal Care Esali Birth



DIY Prenatal Care Builds Confidence

Why would anyone want DIY Prenatal Care?  Why would you not?  DIY Prenatal Care builds confidence (which builds oxytocin).  Some families choose DIY Prenatal Care for the following reasons:

Allows better communication with your care providers and birth team
Reduces fear-based procedures by increasing your understanding of average changes in pregnancy
Provides yourself with a baseline and in-between care knowledge to have a wider range of information
Increases your choices of care providers with the opportunity of reducing prenatal appointments by giving you the knowledge to take notes about changes happening and communicate that

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postpartum anxiety Esali Birth



Postpartum Anxiety Natural Prevention and Treatment

Postpartum anxiety is an ever growing illness, particularly in western cultures and stemming from western lifestyles that create adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, overload and shutdown.  Due to the nature of our culture, more women experience postpartum anxiety than men, but this is certainly an illness that can be seen in dads and other supportive persons of a new baby, depending on the circumstances.

Most women are seeing western medical providers throughout their pregnancy and postpartum so treatment of postpartum anxiety and depression typically takes a western approach with prescriptions like Zoloft and

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how to push baby Esali Birth



How to Push Baby Without Suggestions

How to Push Baby

You know you better than anyone else.  You can push baby without any direction – in the most gentle way or with all your might.  Yes, even as a first time mother.  If you remember nothing else for birth, this is the most important.  It isn’t about empowerment – it is the most true statement that can be made about your birthing body.  Your body has carried you this far, made to gestate life, made to birth life, made to nourish life.  No one tells it how

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Gifts for Doulas Esali Birth



10 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Doulas and Midwives

Gifts for doulas and midwives aren’t just for the holidays but a lovely gesture to say, “Thank You” for their support.  Doulas and midwives love hearing from the families they have supported and seeing where their new journey is taking them.  Here are 10 extra thoughtful gifts for doulas and midwives that really show insight into the role a birthkeeper has.

Hand Written Card

You can’t go wrong with a card.  Whether it’s an e-card or purchased one, the words you add on the inside mean the most.  Tell your doula how

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Thrush Esali Birth



Thrush Treatment and Prevention While Breastfeeding

Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast in a baby’s mouth which often transfers onto mom’s nipples.  For a breastfeeding mother, this can mean a lot of discomfort and often an end to the breastfeeding relationship if it doesn’t get diagnosed or remedied.  It is quite common for providers lacking breastfeeding skills to improperly diagnose thrush and many moms are told to not treat it or that the white in the baby’s mouth is from milk.  This is unfortunate as many thrush treatments are available without any harmful side effects that

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Date Sweetened No Bake Cookies Esali Birth



Delicious Date Sweetened Nut Butter No Bake Cookies

I love food – all of it.  There are things I don’t like of course, but I don’t discriminate based on savory, sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey, chewey, comforty…. YUMMY food!  I also really don’t like processed sugar.  My family started cutting back the sweets and baked goods years ago, and my kids especially don’t get many sweets compared to others.  They could literally probably name every piece of candy they’ve ever had and know which holiday or event it coincided with.  I’m a full time work-at-home-homeschooling mom – I don’t

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Audible Books for Doulas Esali Birth



Listen to these Audible Books for Doulas

Audible books for doulas are a great way to add depth to professional doula training, continuing education, and pleasure reading for birth pros including midwives and birth educators.  I’m a fan of Kindle books, digital books, and other ebook options and we use our local digital library regularly for homeschooling and general reading.  However, it isn’t often I want a digital reference book for herbalism, midwifery, or birth wisdom where I can’t hold it in my hand, easily share, and have when the batteries run out.  I have on many

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