Building Trust in Birth

One of my favorite ways to increase couple bonding during pregnancy is with a simple practice of eye gazing.  I ask "When was the last time you looked deep in your partner's eyes for more than a moment?  Probably on your wedding day or when you first met."

So, when was it?  Do you still spend as much time getting to know your partner and feeling completely infatuated with them like you did when you first started dating?  There is some science behind why life gets in the way of romance and happiness... and trust.  The most important aspect of this routine is it's ability to increase oxytocin, not only the love and bonding hormone - but also the shy and bring-on-labor hormone.  It increases most in intimate settings that are quiet and facilitate bonding.  Without this natural hormone, labor does not progress.  What in your life is decreasing this shy little hormone?

Let's put some of that old spark back into your relationship and bring that connection out in birth.  I challenge you to start now, just twice a day, to spend just two minutes gazing into the eyes of the one who will be supporting you through birth and postpartum.  The one you expect to be by your side and know your desires.  Before you ever leave the house say I love you and take two minutes to stare into each other's eyes.  Do nothing else - no texting, to Facebooking, no distractions.  If you need to do anything else, touch hands over a cup of herbal tea.