Best Perinatal Articles

I’m consistently referencing a list full of articles that I find to be the most fascinating and helpful during the perinatal stages (on top of my blog, of course, lol). I wanted to start a list for myself, rather than just bookmarking, and decided a blog would be the best way to share this with others – and for future reference. I will continuously update this as I find new, impressive, articles – and if there are any that you love, please message those to me and I will review and add as I see fit! Enjoy and happy learning!

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Pass on the Paci

Pacifiers are everywhere, and mom’s breasts are nowhere to be seen. In a culture where most moms bottle feed, it is no wonder why we see pacifier use in almost every household throughout the toddler years. When most babies would still be breastfed if allowed to nurse as long as they desired, a toddler drinking from a bottle would have the same sucking desires as their breastfed peers. The issue, however, lies in the detrimental impact on breastfeeding and of course on oral and facial development.

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Babywearing provides an easy way to integrate baby into your life by offering options to keep the little one close to your heart where they’re comfortable, skin-to-skin to regulate temperature, easy nursing access, and flexibility so you can be hands free for cooking, cleaning, shopping, eating, and many other tasks new mothers may find difficult while adjusting to life with a new baby.