Birth Work is Done in Pregnancy

WOW - what a weekend.  Fresh from a Spinning Babies workshop and I have to get these thoughts out of my head.  I wanted to attend the workshop to put all the pieces together from

Should I even get a doula?

A lot of people have a very skewed perspective of what a professional doula is and how this differs from other birth support.  This is because doulas, like all birth professionals... and humans, are different. 

Three Nice Things

I've never been a big fan of "regular relaxation practice" for birth prep.  I completely value what a relaxed state of mind and body can provide for us; however, I think there are much bigger

Building Trust in Birth

One of my favorite ways to increase couple bonding during pregnancy is with a simple practice of eye gazing.  I ask "When was the last time you looked deep in your partner's eyes for more

Laboring Women Don’t Need Support

"Transition" during labor is not a change in physical contractions - but a change in emotional comfort and function. Only when you feel safe and protected will your body "transition" into the primal act of

yin yang uterus

Labor is amazing.  It is intrinsically female, and yet contains many male qualities.  It is fluid and unyielding all at once.  It is expansive and contracting.  It is intense and empowering.  How do you explain

Assessment of Labor

To try and put any type of assessment on labor is limiting the vast realm of differences labor can be for each mother, and each pregnancy. There are so. many. factors. that play into

Birth Emotions Matter

There are so. many. reasons. why I am rarely ever impressed with a medical team - because they completely disregard one of the most important factors of the birth experience - the LONG LASTING emotional

Own Your Birth

When you come to the level of understanding that you have power over your birth choices, then you feel comfortable with your birth choices. Someone may encourage you along the way with their beliefs,