Fun for a Cause

It is THE cause above all causes. It is the BEGINNING of health for our children and their future. Support the beginning, and the future becomes brighter. Birth and breastfeeding go hand in hand, and by supporting the early stages of life, we can improve our culture’s health and happiness for many generations to come. Breastfeeding provides protection against diabetes and all the big diseases most other causes are supporting. But, this isn’t just a bunch of money going to causes that haven’t improved outcomes over the past 20 years – it is going to support biology in one of the most healthy ways possible – and directly in our own community. That mom down the street that cried because she didn’t have support to breastfeed – this money goes for her. This money goes for the baby with latch problems. The money goes for the families that want to breastfeeding and want a free place for support. Every little bit helps support our community and our future.