Labor Prayer

The rest of my birth kit items arrived last week from There was a nice little bookmark with a labor prayer by Donna Wilson added that I really wanted to share with everyone.

Home Birth Prep

Planning for a home birth is exciting!  There is very little you have to do to prepare for a home birth - and essentially, you don't need any extras - but it is a good

Walk Proud

For years, “kegeling” has been widely promoted in the birthing world as a highly effective and crucial prenatal exercise. Less focus is placed on abdominal and back strength because, seemingly, the abdominal and back

Approaching Biological Birth

With all our approaches to natural and instinctive labor, why is it that when it comes to stage 2 – the birthing [pushing] stage – are we so medicalized? Just because providers may practice

Getting Dads Involved With Breastfeeding

For a breastfeeding mom, the early weeks can seem like a long time, and having adequate support can not only mean a world of difference emotionally, but also mean the difference between a successful breastfeeding

Childbirth Pain

One of the biggest concerns for anyone preparing for birth is how to eliminate pain. Most modern women choose medication to eliminate pain without the knowledge of alternate methods in addition to putting themselves and

Parental Psychology

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, birth is empowering, and parenting is the most rewarding career you can accept; a career that requires all your emotional, biological, and psychological skills you have or will ever obtain

Why should you consider home birth?

Esali Birth believes every individual has the right to birth in the location of their choice and stress the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with thier planned birth location. We highly suggest considering

The Story of Bell

It is amazing how differently I feel about this birth now that I know what I know. It was a beautiful experience that has brought me to the path I am now, but there