yin yang uterus

Labor is amazing.  It is intrinsically female, and yet contains many male qualities.  It is fluid and unyielding all at once.  It is expansive and contracting.  It is intense and empowering.  How do you explain

Birth Methods

That’s what Esali Birth believes in… that you are capable of handling the truth, the wide ranges of choices (from unassisted birth to elective cesareans), and how this affects the health and happiness of the

Dads Supporting Birth

What a Dad should and shouldn't do during birth is such a big topic these days.  It sort of drives me nuts (and I was there at one point myself).  Let Dad be Dad, I

A Doula’s Role in Birth

The birth team works best when everyone supports each other and negativity is thrown out of the mix. A doula is best used when physically and emotionally supporting the mother.


Babywearing provides an easy way to integrate baby into your life by offering options to keep the little one close to your heart where they’re comfortable, skin-to-skin to regulate temperature, easy nursing access, and flexibility

Postpartum Privacy

A few words regarding the recovery period from birth and those who want to visit the family and meet the new baby. This is what a mother and father may be feeling postpartum, so