Birth Journey

As we make these decisions and pray that they’re the right ones, what affects they’ll have on our child, we sometimes fail to see that they are always the right decisions because in the end it isn’t the right or wrongs, it is the changes we see in ourselves that matter. We can prepare for every type of birth, making all the decisions to set us up for the birth we desire and creating this perfect birth experience, but in the end, we have the birth that we need for our spiritual journey.

The “F” Word

the “F” word can be looked at from two perspectives… another “four-letter word” or a survival mechanism. I choose to look at it in a positive manner so that I can learn and choose wisely. Fear is a response to a perceived threat. Why is it only a perceived threat? Because not everyone has the same response to this “threat.”

Labor Prayer

The rest of my birth kit items arrived last week from There was a nice little bookmark with a labor prayer by Donna Wilson added that I really wanted to share with everyone. It says “home” in one spot – but is a perfect prayer for everyone in all birth environments as you near your birthing time.