Immune System Herbs

Whether you need a boost during a cold or flu, fighting an infection, or supporting your body after ruptured membranes, a general boost to the immune system can be supported with herbs and vitamin supplements.

UTI Herbal Remedies

Urinary Tract Infections can be a little tricky in pregnancy.  The expansion of the uterus from the growing baby puts pressure on the ureters and the bladder not only making it more difficult for many

Threatened Labor Tea

While you may not keep herbs and supplements around that are available at the first signs of miscarriage, if you have a history of difficulty conceiving or a history of miscarriage, this tea can be


Tonic herbal teas are some of the best ways of obtaining vitamins and minerals.  Tonic teas mean they are nutritive herbs.  They can help support healthy blood volume, liver healing, and so much more.  There

Herbs Safe for Pregnancy

Pregnancy safe herbs are easy to find.  If you're pregnant, this may be the first time you've tasted the herbal waters as you look for ways to improve your nourishment or find a warm alternative

Relieve Pregnancy Headache Naturally

Headaches in pregnancy are common, but as with most "symptoms" of pregnancy, they shouldn't be expected.   In most cases, pregnancy headaches are caused from dehydration and hormonal imbalances - not just from pregnancy changes but

Flu Fighting Favorites for Pregnancy

It's getting close to the colder months as we wind down summer and that means it's time to start thinking about prenatal flu remedies.  Why now and not in winter?  Now is when we prevent