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How to Have an Independent Birth

Independent birth is a new term overtaking the unassisted birth world.  Many actually imagine the choice of indie birth to be one where a mother is alone during birth or without a care provider or

Birth Isn’t Amazing… it’s normal

Birth isn't amazing. Birth is normal. Birth is a biological function that in some ways we've glorified beyond necessity.  Or maybe it is necessary right now, but what will it do to future generations?  What

What IF?

Let me start off by saying that little curse word - IF - is OK.  That question, "What if?" is OK.  There is NOTHING wrong with doubt.  There is NOTHING wrong with curiosity, questioning, and

How Safe is Birth in the US?

Most new childbearing families feel a sense of comfort birthing in the US from a perceived belief that our developed status makes us less prone to less than ideal outcomes.  Reality, however, is not quite

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Creating a Birth Guide

Birth guides, or birth plans, are lists that lay out your priorities for labor and the immediate postpartum. Whether at home or in the hospital, these can become great communication tools for your birth team

Yarrow – Herbs for Childbearing

There are a LOT of great herbs for the childbearing years.  Ones that are nutritive, ones that are calming and, like yarrow, ones that have a great place in the medicine cabinet. Yarrow has an