What a Doula Does

A doula perinatal mentor is like your best friend.  Remember that love you had growing up with a friend that would listen to all your stories, ideas, and imaginary worlds you snail-mailed to each other? 

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Postpartum Anxiety Natural Prevention and Treatment

Postpartum anxiety is an ever growing illness, particularly in western cultures and stemming from western lifestyles that create adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, overload and shutdown.  Due to the nature of our culture, more women experience postpartum

12 Tips for Prepping Postpartum Meals

Not everyone can hire a postpartum doula, nor has the family and friends able, willing or experienced to help during the postpartum weeks.  Often, Dad must return to work within a week and Mom is

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Mommy Brain Tips for Better Postpartum

Mommy Brain have you in a fog these days?  It's no secret mothers (and fathers) experience a brain change after welcoming a child into their lives.  It starts with hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the

Yarrow – Herbs for Childbearing

There are a LOT of great herbs for the childbearing years.  Ones that are nutritive, ones that are calming and, like yarrow, ones that have a great place in the medicine cabinet. Yarrow has an

Postpartum Help Cards Printables

Taking a babymoon and wanting to limit visitors and overstimulation?  Ever just wanted your friends and family to know exactly how to help you postpartum?  Are you a first time mom and not quite sure

Healing Tears, Episiotomies, and Scars

Your perineum is amazing.  It is designed to stretch beautifully over a baby [being born instinctively].  It is also designed to heal very nicely should a tear happen, so long as stitching doesn't exacerbate the