Belly Dancing for Birth

I'm sure you've seen videos of the mommas dancing their way through their labors and births.  I'm sure you've found it funny, maybe you even tried it.  Maybe you're one of the ones that found

The Newborn’s Liver

As I sit here this morning… much earlier than I'd like after a night without the kids… drinking an herbal energizing, cleansing, and nourishing tea blend… I start thinking about how many newborns are diagnosed

Brewer Diet

Dr. Brewer no doubt did a lot of research on nutritional links to prenatal health.  He was a wise man to stress the importance of nutritional intake to prevent complications.  However, it is important to

A Letter to Mothers

Dear Amazing You, There is only one you.  There is only one of each child.  They are each different.  They are each created from a warm womb filled with more than nutrition.  Their genes have