Prenatal Wellness Basics

The Esali Birth Prenatal Wellness Basics course is designed to help you and your family create healthier habits for a happy healthy birth.  While every choice we've made (and our mother made, and our grandmother made) and every experience we've had throughout our life ultimately influence our perinatal experience, the three to twelve months leading up to conception and the months during pregnancy are highly influential on the outcome of birth and our overall wellness.

The holistic course works provides you with guidance to add real manageable changes to your lifestyle, one session at a time, creating better movement and balance, enhancing nutrition, and implementing daily positive reflection, ultimately preparing you for a happy healthy birth.

If this is the only course you take for pregnancy, you'll be better prepped for reduced pregnancy symptoms, smoother birth, and a healthier postpartum.


TTC couples, improving fertility, increasing conception health, and inspired to reduce common early pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant couples ready to start now for a healthier pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Postpartum families because there is never a bad time to create healtheir habits for a happier future

New challenge presented in each session encouraging you to focus on healthier habits while motivating you for profound lifestyle changes

Learn the basics of holistic wellness for the childbearing year whether you're TTC, newly pregnant, or healing postpartum

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