The Esali Birth VBAC Prep course is designed to help you prepare for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and Vaginal Birth After Uterine Surgery.  In addition to the Online Birth Class, this section will guide you through VBAC-specific concerns and prenatal preparation to help you prepare for vaginal birth after any number of cesareans whether in the hospital or at Home Birth After Cesarean.

You will also learn about cesarean options for birth after cesarean to help you make a fully-informed decision for your personal situation.


Learn nutritional guidance, bodywork, and lifestyle habits for how to prepare your mind and body for vaginal birth after cesarean or vaginal birth after uterine surgery

Discover VBAC safety statistics and what to be aware of for a vaginal birth after cesarean

Become informed of all of your options for your legally-supported human rights to birth vaginally, and what to prepare for if cesarean birth is right for you.