Esali Birth is involved in various community awareness activities from races to workshops.  We host various free events throughout the MOV including the Breastfeeding Cafe, Birth Socials, and the one of a kind “Man 2 Man” birth class specifically for the dads.

WBW Mother’s Day 5k

Our biggest event of the year is the WBW (World Breastfeeding Week) Mother’s Day 5k located in Belpre, OH which raises breastfeeding awareness in the Mid-Ohio Valley, and raises funds to support breastfeeding in the MOV.
World Breastfeeding Week runs from Aug. 1st – Aug. 7th, but is celebrated at various dates throughout the year.  WBW raises awareness and promotes the benefits of breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding can be difficult, and I’m sure many mother’s would agree, with adequate education and support during breastfeeding, many mothers can and will continue with breastfeeding.  Support is crucial during the postpartum period, especially while learning to breastfeed.  The MOV Breastfeeding Cafe helps mothers before and during their breastfeeding experience to become comfortable with the process.  Many believe that breastfeeding is just a woman’s prerogative, but, family support is extremely helpful to a mother during this time as well, so it is important for the partner to become equally involved in breastfeeding education.
Come out and support World Breastfeeding Week so we can continue educating and supporting women & families across the Mid-Ohio Valley!
Check out race coordinator, Danielle’s, 2009 article in LLL’s New Beginnings: Click Here to Read.


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