Birth Prep Challenge

The Esali Birth Prep Challenge is a FREE 10-week course.  This birth prep course is designed to help you and your family create healthier habits for a happy healthy birth.  The holistic approach works with your current lifestyle by adding real manageable changes to your routine, one week at a time, creating better movement and balance, enhancing nutrition, and implementing daily positive reflection, ultimately preparing you for a happy healthy birth.

If this is the only course you take for pregnancy, you'll be better prepped for reduced pregnancy symptoms, smoother birth, and a healthier postpartum.

Join the FREE Esali Birth Prep Challenge today and get ready for a happy healthy birth!

You are my 'go-to' for all things natural, health, herbal, pregnancy and birth. I know when I come to you, I can trust your information!

- Christina, Herbal & Wellness Counseling


TTC couples, improving fertility, increasing conception health, and inspired to reduce common early pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant couples ready to start now for a healthier pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Postpartum families because there is never a bad time to create healtheir habits for a happier future


New challenge presented weekly encouraging you to focus on healthier habits while motivating you for profound lifestyle changes

Weekly e-mail notifications + instant access to all challenges catering to every time-frame and interest level

Weekly tips to improve on each challenge and guide you through practical ways of implementing the changes for lasting results

You will start receiving Birth Prep Guidance in your inbox soon for each week of the Esali Birth Prep course.  Be sure to add to your safe-senders list.

If you just can't wait for the e-mails, access the basic content for this course at the following posts.


Make Tea – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 1

A daily dose of tea, or three, is common in almost all ancient cultures – and America has recently (as […]

Just Breathe – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 2

Breathing is important… of course we all understand that.  What might not be so easy to understand is the wide […]

Move for Birth – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 3

Move for birth in multiple ways every day.  Movement is vital to whole body wellness.  Moving for birth strengthens muscles […]

Hydrate for Birth – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 4

Hydrate.  Drink more water.  Are you drinking enough?  Drink your weight in ounces.  The list goes on and on and […]

Get Sunshine – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 5

Get sunshine – it is imperative to your immune system function, sleep function, and overall happiness.  Not only is sunshine […]

Healthy Fat – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 6

Fat is energy.  Fat is soothing.  Fat is necessary. Many Americans are still of the mindset that a low-fat diet […]

Poop – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 7

Constipation in pregnancy seems to be an expected symptom.  The first thing wrong with this picture is that someone expects […]

Detox – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 8

Every week we’ve been building healthy habits and reducing toxin overload.  You’re moving well, eating well, and releasing toxins.  The […]

Sleep – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 9

Sleep is a given, right?  If you don’t sleep, you don’t feel rested and your day can kind of go […]

Self Care – Birth Prep Challenge – Week 10

Self Care is the foundation of The Oxytocin Method.  10 weeks closer to meeting your precious one on this side […]



Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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