Online Birth Class

Online birth class options allow you to participate in a full perinatal series (pregnancy through postpartum) in the comfort of your own home... in the bath... in bed... or coffee shop... or park!  All you need is internet access.

The Esali Birth Online Birth Class is a complete holistic childbirth preparation course covering everything from the history of birth and prenatal routines to labor comfort measures and breastfeeding providing families with the knowledge to make informed decisions and have a Happy Healthy Birth in any location.

This online birth class is self-paced and enrollment is available for a full year providing you with ample time to review until you birth your baby and through the postpartum and early breastfeeding stages.

I wanted to say, 'Thank you' to you! We started your Esali Birth class years ago with every intention to have our baby in the hospital and it is through your class that we discovered home birth as an option and I am so glad we did. I appreciate the way you presented information and answered questions. You did it all so non-judgmentally and helpfully! Your class literally changed the course of how our [4] babies have been born and I am just sitting here being very grateful for the knowledge and pursuit of knowledge that started with your class! You are appreciated!

- Mrs. Moore, Esali Birth Class & Doula Support


A truly holistic perspective of the childbearing years building your confidence that your body WORKS and was MADE FOR BIRTH

Not JUST a Natural Birth Class - information for #AllTheBirths from unassisted, home, and natural births, to medications, emergencies, and the unplanned turn in your birth guide

Herbal, Wellness, Nutritional & Lifestyle guidance through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to help you achieve your most #HappyHealthyBirth

Relationship-Building, Confidence-Building, Self-Care Guidance, Relaxation, & Healing from Trauma


Complete perinatal mentoring from early pregnancy through postpartum, breastfeeding, and early parenting

Videos, Resources & Holistic Information

Digital & Printable Hand-outs including the Perinatal Pocket Doula for in-the-moment guidance on labor positions, birth comfort, breastfeeding support, and quick references for your birth team

Guidance for Informed Decisions & Human Rights through the childbearing years

Easily navigate to the section you're interested, or start from the very beginning, allowing you to absorb all the information for the moment of this journey you're experiencing


Videos just as you would see in an in-person session

PodClass™ downloads for on-the-go learning and the ability to MOVE while you learn in a #stackyourlife approach

Readable text for quiet coffee-shop reading, thought-paced research, and comprehensive linked resources accessible on your favorite device.


  • Short videos with to-the-point information just for Dads, by Dads
  • Exactly what Dads need to hear so Mom gets the support she wants
  • Real expectations for becoming a father

Short videos with to-the-point information just for Dads, by Dads

Real expectations for becoming a father

Exactly what Dads want to hear so Mom gets the support she needs

Birth Class Topic Descriptions


  • Esali Birth Overview - About Esali Birth - What are your goals?
  • Creating a Relationship - How #TheOxytocinMethod improves your experience of a healthy happy birth
  • History of Birth - How has history influenced your choices today?  Why does birth education matter?  How does the industry of birth influence birth experiences?


  • Care Providers - Midwive's Model & Medical Model of Care - How does your birth team's perspective and experience influence your happy healthy birth?
  • Birth Locations - How does your birth environment influence your ability to increase oxytocin and naturally progress through labor?
  • Health & Wellness - Health assessment - Nutritional & Physical Well-being and Guidance - Preparing your mind & body for birth


  • Conception - Understanding EDD accuracy and reframing your perspective for an enjoyable end of pregnancy
  • Gestation - Baby's development - Physical prenatal body changes
  • Prenatal Routines - Provider/location routines - Options in prenatal care - Risks/Benefits of Ultrasound & Doppler (and Alternatives)


  • Hormonal Patters in Labor - Your biological design for comfort and enjoyment in labor and how this influences your experience as a new mother and breastfeeding
  • Spontaneous Labor & Birth - #TheOxytocinMethod and how you can work with your body for your happy healthy birth
  • Relaxation, Low/No-Pain Labor, Doula Support - How relaxation, rituals, rhythms, and support increase your comfort for a happy healthy birth


  • Labor Signs - How your body and mind changes at the end of pregnancy - Common experiences in early labor
  • Birth Team & Birth Environment Influence on Labor - #TheOxytocinMethod of creating a calm and trusting environment, working with your body and understanding common patterns of transforming through the labor experience.  Birth partner guidance for comfort and calm.  What is baby doing and experiencing in labor?
  • Transformation of Labor (Physical & Emotional experiences in labor) - How does the mind and body experience labor?  What allows our body to progress through labor without intervention?  #TheOxytocinMethod of labor comfort, support, and biological understanding and navigating questions and decisions through labor and birth.

Birth & The First Hours

  • Moments of Birth - Enjoying the first moments with your baby in a calm environment for improved health of the mother and baby.  What does it feel like to birth?  Understanding birthing (pushing) and knowing how to listen to your instincts for positions, breathing, pushing, and personal needs in labor and birth.
  • Placenta Birth - Physiological cord clamping and reducing postpartum hemorrhage - Placenta uses and reducing depression in postpartum
  • Quiet, Calm, Dark & The Safety & Health of the Newborn's First Hours - Keeping baby skin to skin - Keeping the birth space calm - Breastfeeding and options for common newborn routines


  • "Doula 101" & The Labor Bag - What should I take to the hospital?  How should I prepare for birth at home?  How can Dad support me best?  What can my birth team do during labor and postpartum?
  • Relaxation Techniques - Methods of deep relaxation and calm habits to improve birth (and parenting) comfort
  • "Spinning Babies" - Alignment techniques and working with your body prenatally and during labor for your a happy healthy birth


  • Changes to Biological Labor & Birth - Making informed decisions - Responsibility and Rights in Childbirth - Positive ways of preparing for any type of birth
  • Planned & Unplanned Unassisted Birth - Independent birth - Reducing Fear for "What If's" in Childbirth
  • Emergency Birth, Assisted Birth, Cesarean Birth & Recovery - Expecting the Unexpected - What if I don't make it to my birth location?  What if our provider isn't here yet?  What if I have to have an assisted birth or cesarean?  What about loss during pregnancy or birth?  Positive perspectives for every birth and learning how to embrace our personal journey and be at peace with birth outcomes

First Weeks

  • Postpartum - Lochia & Healing - Emotional Phases of Postpartum - Support
  • Breastfeeding - How to know if baby is getting milk - What is normal? When should I get help?  How can my family and friends support me?  What can Dad do while I'm breastfeeding?
  • Newborn Care - Sleep patterns - Soothing baby - What gear, clothes, and diapers do I need?  How do I take care of a newborn?

Finally Family

  • Fertility Awareness - Natural methods of spacing pregnancies for physical and emotional health - How does breastfeeding influence fertility?
  • Birth Guides - Discovering priorities and desires for pregnancy and birth care - Making decisions for alternate birth locations if needed
  • Integrating all the options and working with your birth team to create a relationship and trust for your happy healthy birth

Course Content

Lessons Status

S1 – Introduction


S2 – Choices


S3 – Pregnancy


S4 – Comfort


S5 – Labor


S6 – Birth


S7 – Techniques


S8 – Variations


S9 – First Weeks


S10 – Birth Paths



Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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