Do you believe?

Do you believe?

In many cultures, we’re made to believe in Santa.  We’re made to believe that pain can overtake us.  We’re even made to believe we cannot survive without grocery stores, vehicles, and medication.  This season, let’s focus on what we believe about our inner-selves; because this belief is the one that truly matters for health, safety, and survival.

Believe that:

Our childhood and years leading up to the reproductive years shape our health and happiness, and therefore your children’s.

Pregnancy is a normal and healthy part of life.  You do not need pampered physically, but built up emotionally.  Take care of yourself and surround yourself with people who understand this.

Labor is undefinable, especially by numbers.  It will progress when you feel ready and protected.

Birth is not spectacular, nor horrific.  Birth is normal.  It is an amazing blessing, but a normal elimination function of the body.

To birth, you need to let go.  Let go of culture beliefs.  Let go of the idea of control.  Let go of inhibiting yourself because of fear.

You will birth most comfortably in the place that creates the most comfort for you.

Your home is likely the most comfortable place for your subconscious.  Your subconscious will outweigh your logical brain during labor.  Be sure you know your subconscious well and facilitate it’s primal needs.  Be in a space that allows you the feeling of safety that lets you transform into your primal brain, and be removed of your culturally driven logical brain.

Your body has been waiting for this moment.  Your body wants to create life.  Your body wants to birth life.  It will do it beautifully if you allow it time, privacy, and subconscious protection.

Your body will birth most efficiently in a space that is private, dim, and without noise to interfere with your survival instincts.

Birth is as safe as any normal bodily function.  Be healthy physically and mentally to facilitate this safety.

Dad may not want to be directly involved, and you may want a doula for support, but there will be a defining moment in an attended labor where you will connect with the person making you feel the most safe, loved, and supported.  Dad has this right if your relationship will allow.  This connection may often come from dad being silent, staying close by, and giving you the privacy you need to feel ready for the next step.

The births you hear of in many modern cultures are being manipulated, controlled, carefully watched, by unhealthy mothers, by untrusting birth teams.  You CANNOT compare what birth is meant to be, with what birth is being changed into with these practices.  It is different.  Your supported and protected birth WILL be different.

You may have an exquisite feeling during labor.  You may experience discomfort during labor.  You may experience total elation with birth.  You may experience fear.  You may experience pain during labor.  All of these are normal, and OK.  YOU are capable of handling any sensation your body gives you.  Labor discomfort is like discomfort during a bowel movement – not in sensation, but in that it is a normal elimination function that sometimes feels like nothing more than squishiness coming through your body, and other times a little difficult.  You can handle it.  You can get through it.  It does not get to the point of overwhelming or excruciating.

Your comfort in your environment will enable you to birth more comfortably.

You will remember how you were made to feel during birth.  How you were treated.  How you were respected.

You don’t need anything, or anyone, to get you through birth.  You should be built up in pregnancy to believe in yourself.  You are powerful.  You are strong.  You are intelligent.  You are instinctual.  Choosing something other than yourself for birth should only enhance your experience – choose wisely.

Postpartum is a time for pampering and rest.  Nurse your baby.  Do not entertain.  Surround yourself with people who understand a mother’s (family’s) need to be calm, quiet, and with her baby.  Consider daily belly binding for rejuvenation after birth.

You CAN just birth your baby.