Esali for All Perinatal Professionals

Want to provide Esali Online Classes to your clients?  If you're in the perinatal professional industry, and would like to provide a low cost option for Esali Birth Online Education to your clients, we are offering packages to professionals to do just that.

What does this mean?
You enrol in the EB Affiliate program.  Your information will be listed on our Specialist Locator page and then you pay a significantly discounted price for a bundle of access keys to our complete online perinatal education series.  When you receive a client ready for enrolment, pass their contact information along to us - we'll provide the registration forms, and they'll be given access to the complete online series until they birth their baby.

How does this benefit you and your client?
Your clients receive all the benefits of the Esali Birth classes, and you're able to offer this unique service within your business.  You're able to provide  your clients with online education for the full length of their pregnancy.  If your clients miss one of your classes, they can get make up information when it is convenient for them.  Maybe you're a doula or care provider and your client doesn't have the option of attending a local perinatal education series - this is perfect.  You can choose to have your clients reimburse you for the expenses, include it in your fees, or simply provide it as an add-on to your services.

Who is this beneficial for?

  • Perinatal/Childbirth Educators who want to provide out-of-class options for education to supplement their local courses.
  • Doulas who want to ensure their clients are educated - especially if they are unable to attend a local independent series.
  • Care providers who want to recommend quality perinatal education to their clients.
  • Women's clinics...etc. that want a low-cost option for education for their clients.

What are the costs?
Esali Birth's complete online series follows a 10-section format and includes a complete Breastfeeding Basics course as well.  It is regularly available for $100/course - we'll detail the discount bundle options below for EB Affiliates.  As there are a variety of situations where this bundle option can be beneficial, Esali is offering the following bundles:

  • Bundle A - 20 Access Keys - $500 ($25/course)
  • Bundle B - 10 Access Keys - $300 ($30/course)
  • Bundle C - 5 Access Keys - $175 ($35/course)

Course access keys must be used within one-year from the purchase date.  So, the best option is to estimate how many clients you would provide this option to within the next year, and purchase the bundle that fits your business best.  Don't see an option here that fits your needs?  Contact us and we'll work something out!

And, remember, Esali Birth offers training for Perinatal Educators.  For information about bringing Esali Birth to your local community, visit our Specialist Training page.  If you're an EB Specialist, you have this same option for your clients with more significant discounts - so enroll in an EB Training Course today!