Fast Track Perinatal Mentor Training

Mentor families through the childbearing years!  Esali Birth is very excited to announce our Fast Track option for becoming an Esali Birth Perinatal Specialist.  This training is a "mentor-in-a-box" format.  Upon successful completion, you'll be provided with everything needed to support families from pre-conception through weaning PLUS no membership fees and complete autonomy.  As long as you support the Esali Birth Philosophy in your mentoring, EB will provide support for families to find your services.

With the Fast Track option, you're highly recommended to complete the resource study of the program before enrolling.  There are no extensions provided on the 6-month required completion time frame for this fast track option.  There are no differences in content between the full $1000 2-year course, but the end material is provided in digital format only upon completion.  I know, it sounds crazy doesn't it?  A FULL training course for $25.  This is a joke, right?  NO, no, it really isn't.  I dove into this industry to HELP families.  To help them receive knowledge that is so hidden in our culture.  This should be knowledge that all families grow up with, yet we have to beg for it!  I want to share that ability with more people.  I want families all across this country with support and knowledge so that my children's future is brighter and better.  I want my children to sit in a circle of families and embrace the labor, birth, and parenthood before them instead of sitting in circles learning how to prevent unnecessary interventions.  I want moms to have an incredibly cost effective way of bringing in a little extra cash when they decide to quit work and be home with their babies.  I want families to have access to all the information that is available to them through someone in their community that can easily point them in that direction.

I will provide this for as long as I am able to do so.  Costs of running a website, a business - and time away from my family - mean I may not be able to provide this for an extensive period, so get in your provisional enrollment now!

Provisional enrollment is not required.  However, I keep the training program changing with content - adding new material and better explanations - often and the reading list may change as better options come into play.  Your provisional enrollment is for YOU.  The 6 month Fast Track option is for someone totally dedicated to becoming a mentor in their community.  I want someone ready to finish, but there are a lot of resources to study.  Provisional enrollment allows you to lock in your required resources while you finish those resources before enrolling into the program.

For more details about Esali Birth's childbirth educator training, doula training, pre-conception training, breastfeeding counselor training, and more (like your husband's ability to dual-enroll for FREE) - click here.

If you are interested in provisional enrollment or want to learn more about the resources required, please send an e-mail to mdbergum at esalibirth dot com.