Maternity Pics

How did you document your pregnancy?  Whether you took a snapshot every week or had professional photos taken, these will be memories you'll treasure forever!  Even if you think you don't look beautiful (which you do... I mean, you're growing a baby - THAT alone is beautiful!!!)...  they will still be fun to look back on, and always beneficial to share with future generations.

I've been working on building my marketing material over the past year or so and occasionally capturing the gorgeous glowing bellies of mothers in the MOV when our schedules allow.  If you're interested in some photos, look me up...  It may not be your typical maternity photo session as I'm looking for specific imagines to be used in my blog, online class, and EB workbook (among other EB material)... but, I'm sure we can capture a few cherishable images, like these, along the way...