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Esali Birth is the educational part of MOV Birth, a lawfully-formed 508c(1)a, Private Health Association, operating with a reliance upon our faith in Nature and Nature’s God.

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Complete Esali Birth perinatal education from pre-conception and perinatal nutrition to Midwife 101, Doula 101, Freebirth, and Breastfeeding with a take-back-birth perspective

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Holistic, complete and well-rounded perinatal mentoring with messaging access to MOV Birth Midwife & Esali Birth designer, Danielle Bergum

I wanted to say, 'Thank you' to you! We started your Esali Birth class years ago with every intention to have our baby in the hospital and it is through your class that we discovered home birth as an option and I am so glad we did. I appreciate the way you presented information and answered questions. You did it all so non-judgmentally and helpfully! Your class literally changed the course of how our [5] babies have been born and I am just sitting here being very grateful for the knowledge and pursuit of knowledge that started with your class! You are appreciated!

- Mrs. Moore, 10-Week Esali Birth Class & MOV Birth Midwifery Care

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Comprehensive perinatal mentoring to guide you on making informed decisions from early pregnancy through postpartum, breastfeeding, and early parenting including human rights awareness and birth guide creation

Recorded seminars and videos for a conversational approach and visual demonstrations just as you would see in a live birth class.

Digital & Printable Hand-outs including the Perinatal Pocket Doula for in-the-moment guidance on labor positions, birth comfort, breastfeeding support, and quick references for your birth team

PodClass™ downloads for on-the-go learning and the ability to MOVE while you learn in a #stackyourlife approach

Readable text for quiet coffee-shop reading, thought-paced research, and comprehensive linked resources accessible on your favorite device.


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