MOV Birth Workers

MOV Midwife options for Mid Ohio Valley home birthing families

Live in or around the MOV?  I'm constantly asked for this home birth midwife and doula contact list...  with changes to area midwives people think no-one is around.  I assure you, the Mid-Ohio Valley has many home birth midwife and perinatal support options including home birth and hospital doulas!  Home birth midwives, monitrices, doulas, lactation/breastfeeding support, childbirth and perinatal educators, and placenta encapsulator contact details are here.

Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily a recommendation for services, but a courtesy to the families in our area.  Please interview your potential birth team and make an educated decision on who you would like in your birth space - even if others have had wonderful experiences or negative experiences.  Only YOU can decide what you want in your birth.


I refrain from adding services that don't really pertain to the education/support of the perinatal stages (such as birth photography, yoga, physical therapists...etc.) or this list would be 10 times as long.  I also do not provide hospital care providers as these are quite easy to find.  Likewise, some providers are removed from time to time if they consistently do not reply to inquiries or feedback is consistently negative.

So, here it is!  If you're not on here and service this area, send me a message!  If you're on here and your information needs updated, let me know!  I realize many of you may provide more services than listed, but I need to keep this list simple for my classes - and, after all, I'm marketing you.  Feel free to return the favor!