New Beginnings New Approaches to Birth

new year 2018 esali birth

Well hello 2018!  It's been a glorious week.  We've seen glitter snow, went sleigh riding, and at my house we've started new community adventures.

What is new for you in this new year?  What are you adding new to your TTC, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting routine?  What new outlooks do you have for the year?

Here is what is new for Esali Birth in 2018:

Look for the topic of the week wherever you love to follow Esali Birth: Here on the blog and Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Look for herbal wellness videos for holistic remedies for TTC, pregnancy, birth and the diaper bag.  Join in implementing these basic lifestyle choices that were once a common part of the childbearing years in every household.  Have a request?  Send it my way!

Join in building your confidence for healthy living with the just breathe Reflection Journal Prompts.  These will be posted weekly on FB if that's where you visit most often.  They'll also find their way to your inbox through the newsletter right here:

just breathe™ Reflection Journal Prompt - Week 1

Reflect: I trust __________ about myself. I trust _________ about my support system. I trust __________ about my body.

Building oxytocin means letting go of the anxiety and stress that causes adrenaline to creep up. Every action that relieves that stress will allow oxytocin to rise allowing spontaneous happy healthy birth. Join me weekly for reflection journal prompts geared to the childbearing year. This is #TheOxytocinMethod


So, I hope you have your reflection journal ready and are looking forward to 2018!  Know someone that could benefit?


Have a glorious #HappyNewYear!