Nursing Booth and Babywearing Demonstrations

ImageJoin me at the 2013 Multicultural Festival!

I'll be womaning a nursing booth for all you nursing mothers and babies.  This is the weekend of the June Breastfeeding Cafe - so we'll just bring the cafe into the tent!  I'll also be providing babywearing demonstrations and will have the EB Carrier Library available for you to check out various carriers.

Stop by and nurse your baby, chat, or check out some of the EB wraps and mama necklaces we'll have for sell.

That's not all!  You will also have the chance to be entered into a drawing for an EB wrap that we'll be giving away at the July Breastfeeding Cafe.

Join us, and bring positive parenting experiences to our culture!

Want to volunteer for the booth?

I would love some help and a break to eat and spend time with my own baby.  Anyone is welcome to stop by at the festival and help out for a bit - for however long you're available.  However, a reliable confirmation of your help would be greatly appreciated to help schedule the weekend if you know that you're able to do so!  (If you have [non-health/nutrition] mothering-related items you would like to sell, contact me and we'll discuss the possibility).

Available hours are:

  • Friday: 6pm-10pm (plus setting up prior to 6, and closing after 10)
  • Saturday: 11am-10pm (plus closing after 10)
  • Sunday: 12pm-6pm (plus tear down after 6)