The Esali Birth Childbirth Class is the most comprehensive holistic birth series available locally AND online across the world.  No guilt.  No fear.

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Online Self-Paced Childbirth Class Options


Esali Birth Class Standard

Comprehensive holistic preparation for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting. From health and wellness, selecting a provider and birth location to labor experiences, birth partner tips, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Everything you'd ever want from a birth class and more! 1-year Access

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Labor and Birth Overview

A course covering labor, birth, and the first hour with your baby. For first time parents as well as an excellent refresher course. This is not your typical childbirth prep - we go way beyond "What to Expect" and show you how to affect, enjoy, and become excited for birth in this 2 hour seminar.

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Perinatal Choices

Did you know you're legally supported to say "Yes" AND "No" to ANY birth recommendation or option presented to you? In this 2 hour seminar, we'll explore the 3 main choices that will support your ability to birth healthily and happily: Care Providers, Birth Locations, and Health & Wellness.

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Week by Week Scriptures for Pregnancy

This course is currently under development/re-design. Please check back soon for updates or contact us with questions.

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Breastfeeding Basics

This course is currently under development or updating. Please check back soon enrollment options or contact us with questions.

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Your Pregnancy Week by Week

This course is currently under development/re-design. Please check back soon for updates or contact us with questions.

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Variations of Labor and Birth

This course is currently under development/re-design. Please check back soon for updates or contact us with questions.

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Esali Birth Prep Challenge Free Course

Birth Prep Challenge

Get ready for birth with 10-weeks of pregnancy tips for a more wholesome lifestyle in this FREE challenge course.

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Christmas Countdown Pregnancy Activities Esali Birth

Christmas Countdown Pregnancy Activities

FREE Christmas Countdown Activities for Pregnancy.

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Upcoming Live Events

Virtual Birth Classes - Live or Self-Paced

Online childbirth classes are available through self-paced options or scheduled live sessions

Home of #theoxytocinmethod Childbirth Class

theoxytocinmethod - esali birth childbirth class

I wanted to say, 'Thank you' to you! We started your Esali Birth class years ago with every intention to have our baby in the hospital and it is through your class that we discovered home birth as an option and I am so glad we did. I appreciate the way you presented information and answered questions. You did it all so non-judgmentally and helpfully! Your class literally changed the course of how our [4] babies have been born and I am just sitting here being very grateful for the knowledge and pursuit of knowledge that started with your class! You are appreciated!

- Mrs. Moore, Esali Birth Class & Doula Support

Comprehensively Holistic

  • Home to Hospital Perinatal Preparation
  • Informed Decision & Rights in Childbirth
  • Herbal & Wellness Counseling from Pregnancy Through Parenting
  • PodClass Audio classes for on the go learning
  • More than Just a Natural Childbirth Class - holistic guidance for ALL births

Dads Included

  • Free Man's Guide to Birth
  • Whole Family Wellness Guidance
  • Labor Support Techniques
  • A stay focused, don't freak out perspective
  • Emergency Birth Techniques
  • Postpartum and Relationship Survival Tips
  • Man2Man Video Section just for Dads

Childbirth Class Options

  • Self-Paced Online Birth Classes
  • Real-Time Online Birth Classes
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Live Birth Classes
  • Pre-Conception Seminars
  • Man2Man Birth Prep for Dads
  • Multiple Custom Length Birth Classes
  • Single Session Birth Classes

Man's Guide to Birth

The ultimate holistic and to the point guide for birth partners.

Birth App

Get our web app for quick tips on the go and during labor.


Location and schedule no longer a problem with virtual birth classes!


Parent and mentor lounge for interaction and local community groups.

Now I feel like this awesome crazy machine that does all kinds of cool things! LOL!

- Rachel, Pre-Conception Mentoring, Herbal Wellness Counseling, Esali Birth Class

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