Esali Birth Classes integrate comprehensive birth education with dynamic mind-body awareness through in-person and virtual environments.
Holistic informed decisions for Happy Healthy Birth

just breathe - you were made for this

Taking an Esali Birth class was the best thing I ever did for our family! Not only did I become far more educated than I thought possible about birth (there was so much I would've never learned otherwise) but it opened up a door to meet so many other moms, in my area, that I can connect with.

- Christa, Esali Birth Class + Doula & Breastfeeding Support

Live & In-Person Esali Birth Class

One-on-one private mentoring (live or local) + traditional group-style birth class options

Walking Birth Classes, Custom Birth Classes, 3-Day seminars, 6-week & 10-week Birth Series options

Local Mid-Ohio Valley students receive access to the full lending library of books, videos, breast pumps, and babywearing carriers

Body & Baby Balancing, Nutrition & Movement Guidance, Breastfeeding Support, Herbal & Wellness Counseling

Relationship-Building, Confidence-Building, Self-Care Guidance, Relaxation, & Healing from Trauma

Virtual or In- Person Birth Classes - Live & Self-Paced

Childbirth class options are available across the world through self-paced online birth class options & scheduled live sessions, or in-person classes surrounding the Mid-Ohio Valley - anytime, anywhere, any length

Online Esali Birth Class

Complete perinatal education as you would receive in the live standard Esali Birth Class.

Access for 1 year + access to the members only online community and resources

Self-paced + available 24/7 wherever there is internet access

Multiple learning methods including visual printables, videos, webinars, PodClass on the go lessons, and readable text formats

More affordable than any other online birth class with this holistic, complete and well-rounded approach

Esali Birth Prep FREE Course

10-Weeks of guidance for a Happy Healthy Birth

Great for TTC and early pregnancy couples

Learn the basics of holistic health, nutrition, and self-care

Gain access to all content immediately, or wait for the weekly e-mails

#TheOxytocinMethod Online Birth Class

One night, live virtual birth class, offered weekly throughout the year

Learn how to build oxytocin for a Happy Healthy Birth

Ultimate guide to spontaneous labor & natural labor progression

Avoid inductions and unnecessary interventions due to failure to progress

Support the safety of birth with the body's most important labor & birth hormone

Labor & Birth Overview Online

Holistic childbirth crash course covering health and wellness, labor & birth, postpartum & breastfeeding.

Great as a review childbirth class for previous Esali Birth clients

3-hours of in-depth understanding of birth physiology and informed decisions for Happy Healthy Birth

Birth partner tips & doula 101 providing your birth team with active techniques to support moms through labor



Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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