Postpartum Planning

Family and friends often want to be a big part of the postpartum period to get to know the newest little one.  In many other cultures, family and friends in the community are a large part of the postpartum period to allow mom to get to know her baby and rest after birth.  In the American culture, a lot of friends and family have be accustomed to wanting to visit with the new baby, playing, holding, and feeding.  This cultural difference can make a big difference in the postpartum period for families.  It is very important that postpartum help is of a positive manner and mom is not spending her time entertaining guests or dealing with a fussy baby from overstimulation.  A postpartum doula (especially after a cesarean birth) is an extremely valuable addition to your postpartum birth team.  As I am planning for my 1st postpartum experience around friends and family (they were 6 hrs away for my first birth), I am laying out our plans for a relaxing babymoon.  I want to share my approach and hopefully give you an insight into how you can communicate with your friends and family for your postpartum babymoon.

Dear Family & Friends,

We wanted to send a quick note to everyone so you know what our plans are for the postpartum period with our newest little one arriving in the fall.  We are preparing for our 2nd home birth with some wonderful midwives and are really looking forward to the event, and the precious time after the birth to be spent with our immediate family.

We know how excited everyone will be to hear of our news; however, please understand that this is a very private event for us and we will share our experience as soon as we’re rested and ready.  We will not have anyone attending our birth, nor visiting for the first few weeks after the birth except our midwives and doula who will also be checking on us during the postpartum period.

This is a very precious and special time that is important for us to have integrating our newest little one within our family.  Our little one will be adjusting to the new environment, learning to breastfeed, and napping and will want to be near mommy as much as possible.

There are many ways you can help in those days which include ways to allow us to spend time with our baby, and get as much rest as possible.  Some of those specific things include:

  • Cooking healthy meals that we may freeze & reheat prior to birth and/or enjoy fresh postpartum.  You can see our meal registry at if you would like to help with this.
  • Occasionally watching Bell so she can get a break from the new changes, get out and enjoy the weather more, and to help everyone rest.  We’ll let you know when this would be helpful.
  • Picking up items at the grocery store if we need them and can’t get out.
  • Avoid mowing the grass around our house so as not to disturb our many nap times.  If you would like to help with mowing – please talk with James about times that would be beneficial – otherwise, James can mow when we know everyone is up and alert.  Our rest is very very important to us for the happiness and well-being of our family.

We will post a reminder on our door when our baby arrives – and will list items that we would like for you to pick-up/drop-off so that you can help us as much as possible.  Please remember to not knock on our door, as this tends to wake all of us up when we’re sleeping, and again – our rest is very important to us.  Please feel welcome to e-mail or leave a message on our phone; however, please understand that we will be turning the ringers off on our phones – and will return messages when we feel rested.  Please do not disturb the midwives and doula while they’re here, they are very busy.

Thank you so much for understanding how important our “babymoon” is for our new family.  We appreciate all the love and assistance everyone has and look forward to letting you meet our newest addition after a little time of growing and adjusting.


Love to All!
James, Danielle, Isabella, & Baby #2


Additionally, attached below is a .pdf of our Do Not Disturb sign we plan on hanging on our doors.  This is great for unexpected guests (which is everything from family and friends to post office workers...etc.) and those that may have forgotten your postpartum babymoon plan.  Laminating is great for weatherproofing and so you can fill in the blanks with a dry erase marker.

 Babymoon Do Not Disturb Sign