Pregnancy Christmas Countdown with FREE Advent Activity Printable

Esali Birth's Christmas countdown - relationship building style. No worries if you're late getting started on this, you can just pick up on this any day or double up on the bonding activities to catch up.

EB Advent Christmas

The relationship you have with dad and your birth team is a significant part of your birth experience.  Without the inner knowledge of your wishes and knowing your personality, and trusting each other, you lose a little bit of the birth experience (and safety).  Spend this Christmas season with this intimate countdown to the party celebrating the most amazing birth of our world.  (Not pregnant?  Adapt this to any relationship to enhance the bond!).

In my birth classes, a big part of our bonding exercises are “3 Nice Things.”  If you’re in my class right now, you know what this is all about!  Sometimes we spend so little time communicating in our relationships that we feel awkward finding numerous nice things to say to each other.  Sometimes we talk so little that we don’t know all the nice things to say to each other.  Sometimes, we make a joke about everything and don’t work on building the intimate connection needed for a deep emotional birth.  Before each of these activities, I want you to look into each others' eyes – yes, directly in each others' eyes is key – and Mom is going to say “3 Nice Things” to Dad, and Dad is going to say “3 Nice Things” to Mom.  You should do this so much it becomes natural, common, easy, and a part of your day that you look forward to.  You want to do this so much that you look forward to finding the “3 Nice Things” about the other person because you know how great it makes them feel.  Building relationships is about building up the *other* person, not what they do for you.  When both of you work in this perspective, you naturally receive what you need.

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These will print out so you can cut them and then fold them shut like cards, then glue on a calendar to open each day.  To use this printable, you’ll need three pieces of card stock (regular paper will work just fine; the card-stock is just sturdier).  Print out the first three pages, then flip over and print out pages 4-6.  Cut along the orange lines, and fold along the blue lines.  Use the last page to tape each “door” on and use a glue stick to close if you’d like.  Alternatively, you could throw them in a jar and just pull one out each morning, too.  Open one on each date and enjoy!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!