Prenatal Swimming

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Trying to beat the heat?  Do some water aerobics!  Wonderful all around for pregnancy.  Here is a link to a nice article on some things you can incorporate into your water routine.

Luckily, my mom has a pool, so I've been trying to make it there every chance I get.  I head over during Bell's nap time - get her down for a nap, and then get on my suit.  This leaves me with just enough time to get in some quick, effective, exercising before Bell is ready to play in the water.

My very very simple water routine looks like the following:

  • 1/2 lap plus 5 figure-eights with the pelvis, like some simple belly dancing moves. (repeat 6 times) - a half lap equals a swim to the other side of the pool.  You're working all the muscles supporting the pelvis including the upper body for full-body gentle strengthening, lengthening, and stamina.
  • Then, grab a super flimsy raft that allows me to sink well into the water.  Float for 5 minutes on my back (slightly on my side, actually - alternating sides) - slow abdominal breathing and "laps" on the raft using just my arms.
  • Then, off the raft for 6 more 1/2 more laps with 5 more figure-eights between each 1/2 lap.
  • Then, back on that super flimsy raft - belly this time (it is that flimsy - my belly sinks down into the water - AWESOME!).  Slow abdominal breathing for 5 minutes - concentrating on total body relaxation - eyes closed - just breathing.
  • Then, finish by doing some squats (i.e. lifting the knees and legs up) and more figure-eights and pelvis movements.  If you use a raft to support you in the squat position - you can reduce all tension on your body, while getting a very relaxing stretch.

That's it - there's nothing to it... and, since my daughter doesn't sleep well at her grandma's - this is the perfect time frame to fit it all in, get some alone mama time, and cool off with all this crazy humidity.

I concentrate much more on relaxing when I'm in the water, than doing a lot of laps.  I walk quite a bit every day (most days), do pelvic rocking, and concentrate on posture - so I use this time to focus on emotional me.

Header photo from my 2011 maternity shoot by Roberts Family Photo



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