Preventing and Healing Prenatal Nausea

In many cases, nausea may be the first sign of pregnancy.  While sometimes nausea comes on with fluctuating hormones, there is a lot we can do to prevent and soothe prenatal nausea.

Prior to conception we need to get our nutrition balanced, ensure we're living an active lifestyle, and include beneficial herbs in our daily routine through cooking and/or teas.  There is never a better time to get healthy than before we become pregnant.

After conception or when we start noticing nausea a great first step is storing a lot of fresh, organic, lemons.  Each morning start with a tall glass of water and a nice lemon squeezed in and drink up.  The tartness of the lemon not only soothes an upset stomach, the lemon helps to rid the body of toxins and increase heart health.  Avoid adding sweeteners as this can increase nausea.  You can also cut a wedge and suck on it anytime nausea strikes.  Vitamins A and C help to curb nausea feelings.

Whole, organic, ginger root aids digestion and helps reduce cramping and gas.  You can make ginger candies with honey and water.  Mix 2 parts honey with 1 part water, add about 1/4 C of ginger root and bring to hard crack stage. Pour out on buttered glass or wax paper and cut into bite size pieces.  Roll in a little slipper elm powder and/or cinnamon for a soothing treat to keep in your purse.

You'll want to be sure you're getting adequate protein and especially not overdoing high gluten and processed foods that slow digestion and increase nausea.  While it is common to be drawn to these types of comfort foods during this time, they will exacerbate the issue.  Stick with warm nourishing bone broth and miso soups which are light and filled with vitamins and minerals needed for you and your baby.  Don't overdo the meat and be sure you're getting started (or continuing) to eat dark leafy greens and a variety of colorful plant foods properly prepared (steaming vegetables where necessary to aid in digestion and nutrient assimilation).

Include herbs that help to safely rid the body of toxins and nourish the blood like dandelion root, nettles, red raspberry leaf or check out Esali Birth's Enceinte Tea Blend for the perinatal stages.  These dark greens are full of B vitamins which are another common remedy for nausea and should be a part of the daily routine.

Don't go too long without eating.  Eating small and easily digested meals will encourage smooth digestion and ease nausea.  Keep some nuts and granola on hand so you never go without a good source of protein and a small snack.  Likewise, be sure you're drinking enough water and walk in the fresh air to avoid feeling stagnant.

Many moms find that with a healthy diet (of whole, natural, and properly prepared foods that are balanced with many dark greens and nourishing vegetables) they experience little to no nausea.  Other mothers only experience nausea for a few weeks in the early stages.  The healthier you are and the more natural your diet is, the more likely you will be to not experience adverse effects of hormone changes and your body encouraging toxin release.

Last but certainly not least, remember to rest!  While you need fresh air and an active lifestyle, you also need to listen to your body and get enough rest.  If you feel low on energy, let your body work on gestation and take a nap.  Learn to say no often and don't overbook your schedule.  Take some time to start reading some great books or start in a birth class.

For more information on staying healthy and preparing for a happy and healthy perinatal experience, take a local or online Esali Birth class!