Baby Basket Subscription Craft & Education Boxes

Baby Basket Subscription Boxes are a complete childbirth prep system with monthly project boxes delivered to your door.  Each project box includes activities for family bonding, birth prep, and holistic wellness that nourishes your physical and emotional well-being.  Three subscription options allow flexibility from beginning in early pregnancy to starting mid-way, or anytime during your last trimester.  Each subscription includes access to the Esali Birth Complete Online Series for the duration of the subscription, and single boxes include 30 days access.  For more information or to purchase a subscription, visit the Baby Basket Website.

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Postpartum Kit


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9 oz. Glass Tea Infuser


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Misc. & Off-Site Items

Man's Guide to Birth - Kindle Ed.

Kindle Price: $4.99 ($0.00 for Kindle Unlimited)

The male brain is designed for survival - to get quick information and react efficiently. This book is your basic survival guide to pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Man’s Guide to Birth focuses on to-the-point information with basic descriptions so you can quickly learn how to support mom and care for your new family in the most holistic and biological way. Straight forward, but not simple minded - this book values dad as an intelligent and intricate part of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Whether you have 30 seconds to flip to a page or 30 minutes to finish the whole book, you can learn something new and profound to support mom along this journey into parenthood with a resources section for more research when your interest is piqued.

just breathe™ Perinatal Education Board Game - $14.99

This is a quick-reference guide of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Esali Birth’s Perinatal Pocket Guide is a must-have for any expecting mother, birth partner, and entire birth team. This simple pocket guide will walk you through the most important aspects of the perinatal period including health and nutrition, exercise and well-being, labor expectations including when to go to the hospital, contraction timing, common interventions and their risks as well as common variations to biological birth.  Educators can include this in student packets – and expecting parents can purchase for their labor bags.  An electronic version is available for download as well.

What's Included

This unique tool is for educators to use in the classroom, and expecting couples to use as a study guide between classes.  This introduces a new exciting level to the learning capabilities in perinatal education.

The game consists of a board, timer, team pawns, and a set of 64 cards.  We kept efficiency in mind, as well as low-cost for those educators who want to provide modern teaching techniques without spending all their money.

The basic card deck has 4 categories: Prenatal Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Perinatal Positions, & General Labor & Birth topics.  Each category has 16 cards that can be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

Within the categories, there are 4 different “strategies” of learning, which include: Reflect (trivia questions), React (charades/demonstration), Render (drawing), and Reason (a combination allowing the card reader to choose between strategies).  This method not only creates more interaction and interest, it touches on various aspects of logic, allowing students to retain the information more effectively.

The cards can also easily be used as a simple teaching tool for discussion without the board.  Many of the cards have room for additional customization from individual teachers.  The cards also indicate a number, instead of using dice, to advance – or to tally when board-play is not desired.

Expansion Packs

just breathe™ Prepared Pack – $27.99 (Standard game + Routines, Variations, & Cravings Expansion Packs)
Card-Only Edition – $9.99
Routines Expansion Deck – $4.99
Variations Expansion Deck – $4.99
Cravings Expansion Deck – $4.99
Custom Blanks Expansion Deck – $4.99

EB’s Birth Guide Web App – FREE!


The EB Birth Guide web app provides easy, on the go, information from pregnancy through postpartum.  Great for dads and support persons needing quick tips for labor, or those early days learning tips for breastfeeding.

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