Reproductive System: Follicular Phase

We previously explored the uterus as a muscle that prepares for childbirth. Now, let’s focus on specific phases of the reproductive cycle and talk about the beginning of reproduction as we work to fully understand

Essential Oils in the Childbearing Years

I love using whole herbs in their created form, or in a form that is easily used with just a few basic cooking techniques like soups, teas, tinctures, infusions, and salves.  However, when I want

Reproductive System: Uterus

The uterus is an organ that, prior to pregnancy, sits protected in the “bowl” of the pelvis.  It is difficult to palpate externally until you pass the first trimester of pregnancy.  Prior to pregnancy, the

Should I avoid certain foods while breastfeeding?

There are no nourishing foods that mothers should avoid while breastfeeding.  Women all over the world breastfeed while eating a variety of very hot and spicy or fermented foods, high fiber vegetables, allergen-prone foods, and

Supporting Gut Health for Whole Body Health

Our bacterial health is incredibly important for our overall digestive health, immune health, mental health, and fertility.  Without a balanced digestive system, we don’t have the ability to digest food or absorb nutrients from food. 

Childbirth Begins Before Conception

It starts with the soil God gives us and the wisdom we’ve obtained to nurture it.  Once the seed is planted, there’s only so much that weather patterns, watering, fertilizing, and weeding can do for

how much salt do you need in pregnancy

How much salt is healthy in pregnancy?

For so long, people have thought restricting sodium (which comes from salt) is important for heart-health, including during pregnancy.  While rarely this may be necessary, many women don’t get enough salt.  Especially in pregnancy, a