Parental Psychology

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, birth is empowering, and parenting is the most rewarding career you can accept; a career that requires all your emotional, biological, and psychological skills you have or will ever obtain

2009 Event Results

Honor Mothers & World Breastfeeding Week with Family Fun & Fitness Click Here to Read Danielle's article in the September 2009 Issue of New Beginnings THANK YOU TO ALL THE SPONSORS & EVERYONE THAT MADE

Why should you consider home birth?

Esali Birth believes every individual has the right to birth in the location of their choice and stress the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with thier planned birth location. We highly suggest considering

Pregnancy Blessingway Host

Blessingways honor and support a mother through one of the most empowering experiences of her life.  Unlike a babyshower, a blessingway focuses on the mother to provider her with positive energy and a circle of

The Story of Bell

It is amazing how differently I feel about this birth now that I know what I know. It was a beautiful experience that has brought me to the path I am now, but there