Birth Isn’t Amazing… it’s normal

Birth isn't amazing. Birth is normal. Birth is a biological function that in some ways we've glorified beyond necessity.  Or maybe it is necessary right now, but what will it do to future generations?  What

Dads Supporting Birth

What a Dad should and shouldn't do during birth is such a big topic these days.  It sort of drives me nuts (and I was there at one point myself).  Let Dad be Dad, I

An Instinctual Birth

My 2nd birth - the birth I've been dreaming of for so long. Bell's birth was incredible and life changing. This birth was as close to biological as I could have ever wished

Butterfly Birth

Biological birth is not simply “vaginal,” nor “unmedicated,” nor “natural.” It is what nature intended. It is if a mother were able to instinctively labor without being hindered in any way – from

Approaching Biological Birth

With all our approaches to natural and instinctive labor, why is it that when it comes to stage 2 – the birthing [pushing] stage – are we so medicalized? Just because providers may practice