herbal tea

A daily dose of tea, or three, is common in almost all ancient cultures - and America has recently (as far as history is concerned) removed this tradition from our daily lives, unless it comes from a fountain and sweetened beyond drinkable with corn syrup.  Infusions (what you know as "tea") are the oldest form of medicine for both acute and chronic ailments, and the oldest form of nurturing holistically beyond the seasonal selection of wild foods.

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esali birth prep challenge

Birth Prep Challenge for a happy healthy birth is coming soon!!!

Everyone wants a great birth.  We also want birth prep to be easy and straight forward.  What everyone might not know are the amazingly simple things you can do to make that happen.  Discovering how to navigate the birth industry is important.  Realizing how your birth environment and birth team influences your birth is crucial.  Learning techniques for comfort and optimal fetal positioning is a wonderful way to enhance our birth experience.   However, a great birth doesn't simply mean fun, pain free, or vaginal.  A happy birth IS a healthy birth and the definition of a happy healthy birth changes for everyone as long as the whole family's health and happiness is included in that definition.

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Preparing for birth, years ago, happened with daily life.  It still does... only you may not be preparing for the type of birth your body was designed for or what you desire.  Maybe you're not quite sure if you can change your experience or where to start - and that's what the Esali Birth Prep Challenge is for.

It is said that it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. 

Follow along over the next 10 weeks as we talk about simple habits you can create that take only a small mind shift or a few extra minutes of your day to change your whole body.  The habits are key to continued health.  We all create habits - some positively influencing us and some negatively influencing us.  Creating new habits might not always be easy - so you'll need to incorporate these new routines daily - but it starts with a desire to want to change or try something new.  Some only require a change in action without any extra effort, so what are you going to lose?

Are you ready for the Esali Birth Prep Challenge?

Can't wait to get started with you - tomorrow January 17, 2017!

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Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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