Should I even get a doula?

A lot of people have a very skewed perspective of what a professional doula is and how this differs from other birth support.  This is because doulas, like all birth professionals... and humans, are different. 

Dads Supporting Birth

What a Dad should and shouldn't do during birth is such a big topic these days.  It sort of drives me nuts (and I was there at one point myself).  Let Dad be Dad, I

A Doula’s Role in Birth

The birth team works best when everyone supports each other and negativity is thrown out of the mix. A doula is best used when physically and emotionally supporting the mother.

Getting Dads Involved With Breastfeeding

For a breastfeeding mom, the early weeks can seem like a long time, and having adequate support can not only mean a world of difference emotionally, but also mean the difference between a successful breastfeeding