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New Beginnings New Approaches to Birth

Well hello 2018!  It's been a glorious week.  We've seen glitter snow, went sleigh riding, and at my house we've started new community adventures. What is new for you in this new year?  What are

yin yang uterus

Labor is amazing.  It is intrinsically female, and yet contains many male qualities.  It is fluid and unyielding all at once.  It is expansive and contracting.  It is intense and empowering.  How do you explain

Birth Social

What is a Birth Social? It's families sharing stories, eradicating fear, asking questions, giving advice, crying, laughing, hugging, healing, motivating, and listening. It's you getting ready for the birth you were meant to

Birth Journey

As we make these decisions and pray that they’re the right ones, what affects they’ll have on our child, we sometimes fail to see that they are always the right decisions because in the end

Birth is…

Birth is... Beautiful Instinctual Rhythmic Trusting Healing What is birth to you?

Walk Proud

For years, “kegeling” has been widely promoted in the birthing world as a highly effective and crucial prenatal exercise. Less focus is placed on abdominal and back strength because, seemingly, the abdominal and back