Herbal Sitz Bath

Herbal sitz baths are so incredibly easy to make large batches for much less cost than commercial products. An herbal sitz bath can be used: to sooth aching muscles and stretching skin in pregnancy to

Assessing & Treating Oral Restrictions

Did you know, for babies, breastfeeding is a vital sign?  All babies should nurse within 1 hour of being born.  They should also be able to crawl up the mother’s abdomen when she is in

Tense and Release Relaxation Activity

TENSE AND RELEASE SCRIPT Let’s take some time to learn to listen to our body. AUDIO COMING SOON I’m going to guide you through a Tense and Release Relaxation Session.  This activity should be practiced

Preventing Pre-Eclampsia

A healthy blood volume prior to pregnancy is around 5 liters (5,000 cc or about 20 cups).  In the first trimester, we can help determine a healthy blood volume by doing lab work and seeing

First Moments of Breastfeeding

Most women rarely see a newborn nurse immediately after birth aside from their own baby and are surprised to find how different it is than nursing an older baby.  A newborn’s head bobs up and

Let’s TACO’bout the Membranes

The membranes belong to your baby.  They are newly created for each baby, just like the placenta is newly created for each baby.  They transfer nutrients and hormones between mom and baby, and protect baby

Roasted Black-Eyed Peas & Kale

While meat packs in the protein, eating meat for every meal can be taxing on the liver and digestive system.  It is supportive to the body to throw in some meatless meals. NOTE:  While the