Merry Christmas from Esali Birth

Another year coming to and end - which means another beginning is soon to follow as well!  So many cycles happening here with Esali Birth... the joy and amazement is never ending!

If you're looking for a great stocking stuffer - or a quick last minute gift for a childbearing family in your life - Esali Birth mentoring gift certificates (which can be used on the website or locally) are available in multiple increments to cover digital classes, web-based mentoring sessions, complete series, and local doula support.  You can visit my mentoring page for more details on all the services gift certificates can cover and purchase certificates there or here:

Be sure to check out the Man's Guide to Birth... a digital pocket-style holistic guide just for dad (that moms can certainly benefit from as well) for the childbearing year.

Baby Basket Subscriptions are great for a stocking stuffer AND a gift that keeps on giving.  The Esali Baby Basket subscription box is a holistic hands-on craft style prenatal prep plus birth education and knowledge for years to come!  Single boxes available, too!


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey and looking forward to a beautiful holiday spent enjoying what matters most in this world!  Wishing you an amazing Christmas... and amazing whatever holiday it is that you may be celebrating... and a wonderful New Year!  No matter what it is you may be intentionally celebrating this time of year across the world - it is a time for so many to reflect on traditions and times long ago - and some still very prevalent - especially in the childbearing circles.

Tell me... what are you remembering this season?

Love and Blessings,


At Esali Birth, we go far beyond "what to expect" in birth.  While "birth class" is often what people call it - that's simply because it is a term that has been around for so long.  Additionally, people think of the word "doula" as someone that only supports moms during labor - and that is not completely accurate, either.  Ideally, your care provider is the one that not only educates you and supports you and provides breastfeeding guideance, but reality these days doesn't really offer the opportunity for providers to have the time to do so.  This is where a birth educator comes in and then often a separate doula after that and then a separate lactation counselor after that.  However, reducing the amount of people not only in the birth itself, but overall during the perinatal journey has many values.  No matter what you want to call it - someone that provides a continuum of education and support from pregnancy through labor and into postpartum not only has the value of trust, but the value of knowing your personal journey.  Even more than a standard series, I LOVE focusing on individualized education - because just like your care provider for birth, the information you receive prenatally is specific to your needs.  Working with couples in private mentoring sessions allows me to focus on not only your questions, but techniques that are specific to your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

What might a prenatal mentoring session look like?  That really depends on your goals, and where you are in your childbearing journey.  We may:

  • Talk about birth history and the birth industry and how that will influence your health and happiness - do you know how the business of birth changes your options and safety?  We'll talk about the safety of birth in the US, too.
  • Process a previous birth (or even a birth story you've heard) to reduce fear and move on to enjoying your perinatal experience - Do you know how this can affect the comfort and health of your birth?  We'll talk about that, too.
  • Work on body techniques to eliminate pregnancy discomfort and help position baby for the best birth possible - Do you know techniques you can do at home to reduce these discomforts and why misalignment changes even things like vaginal birth and VBAC?  We'll talk about that, too.
  • Discover nutrition that will increase your health, your baby's health, and reduce chances of things like rupture of the membranes before labor due to nutrition - Do you know about whole foods and herbal therapies?  We'll talk about that, too.
  • Find a birth team to best support your needs - Do you know what is available to you from home to hospital?  We'll explore your options.
  • Develop a relationship that carries into trust in birth so I am not only your "labor doula" - but a connected part of your team that knows more about your history, who you are, and what you desire - Do you know what a doula can do for you AND Dad?  Let's discuss that, too.
  • Build confidence in you AND dad so you can work together through the perinatal stages and become empowered parents - because confidence is key and I want you to walk away from a mentoring session with a smile and an energy excited for birth.

Wow, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  Overall, we're not only working towards your goals in birth - but in creating the happiest birth possible because a happy birth is a healthy birth.  One on one sessions - virtually or locally - help you have that special time to focus on you and a guide along the way to provide you with information and resources that support you holistically without having to spend hours and hours in parenting groups and blogs trying to filter through the information.

Interested in a session or series?  Get in touch!

WOW - what a weekend.  Fresh from a Spinning Babies workshop and I have to get these thoughts out of my head.  I wanted to attend the workshop to put all the pieces together from their intense website.  I wanted to see how much were we already using, maybe simply not calling it the same thing, how much we needed refined, and how much was new.  It was a great workshop.  It was fun and educational.  Much of it was techniques that have been around for ages simply pulled together.  But, overall it was creating a larger network of people we can ask questions to and discuss.  It was intriguing in ways I didn't expect because I found the networking more valuable than anything else.  However, mostly it empowered my perspective of birth that there is still soooooo much of a medical mindset in even the birth advocacy world that needs to melt away.  We have to support our women now in their situations now, absolutely, but we have to continue striving to bring birth back to the basics whenever possible - especially in the way we share knowledge.

Releasing Tight Ligaments to Bring Baby Earth Side

Releasing tight ligaments to bring baby earth side. Prevent this tension in pregnancy, remedy this situation during the birthing phases.

If the information isn't there to support your idea of birth, the techniques won't make a difference.  A doula can't save a birth choice that doesn't support biology.  A birth class can give you the information, but unless you make the choices that support your body, the information isn't going to help you.  We can physically support your baby and body, but without the understanding of a quiet, calm, and dark birth space AND the choice to allow you to birth in a space like that - your body may have a hard time moving from physically laboring to emotionally birthing.  We need to reduce that fear and reduce too much in the birth space.  ALL of these techniques need to work together.  ALL of these ideas need to be pieced logically into place for YOU and YOUR BIRTH.

Release the tension, Move the Baby

Tight muscles, tight ligaments, and misaligned body make baby misaligned. We know this. Now, let's get baby moving.

For too long, women have been hiring support for labor - separating that roll of educational support and labor support and expecting the hard work to be done during the birth.  While taking it easy during pregnancy and enjoying this beautiful emotional time is a goal we need to work towards - ideally we want all this education and physical work to be done prior to the oxytocin-heightening time of labor.

This focus of what a doula is and does needs to change. They are so much more than "labor support."

Want a smoother birth?  Do the work NOW.  Whatever now looks like to you - whether you're 16, just married, TTC, early pregnancy, or 37 weeks - NOW is the time to start reducing the amount of work your body needs to do when baby is ready and your mind is ready to bring baby earth side.

What does this work look like?  Well, it is different for everyone.  It is a lot of birth industry navigating.  It is independent perinatal education - not just a "what to expect in birth" or "what to expect in the hospital" sort of crash course.  It is a lot of wellness counseling, birth trauma processing, relationship building, and likely optimal fetal positioning.  It is navigating the birth industry.  It is discovering what YOU want and what YOU expect from your birth team and birth location.  When you discover your options, you learn how to make choices that support those options.

Mid Pelvis Release

Where's the Baby? A provider that palpates can help a mom a lot during pregnancy to prevent issues arising in birth. When was the last time your provider palpated? When was the last time your provider touched you other than for a vaginal exam which is typically unnecessary at best. Providers that are only watching monitors won't know. Providers only getting feedback from a middle-person over the phone, won't know. Providers only focused on numbers, won't know. Providers never seeing a mom move during her labor won't know.

Want to know more?  Schedule a session with me and let's get started with mentoring sessions that go far beyond "labor and delivery."  Let's get to the root of your previous birth experience.  Let's get to the root of your fear or misunderstanding of your biology and how a previous birth doesn't have to be this birth - even if you "did it all right."  Let's figure out how your baby is working with YOUR body.  Let's talk about your health and your relationship.  Let's talk about your birth location and your care provider and how that is playing into something like muscle tension, birth pain, and a smooth birth.  Let's talk about how all of this influences breastfeeding, PPH, and depression.

Let's talk about how amazing this time can be!  Get in touch!   You're never too far away!

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It is often believed that relaxation is a special technique.  Entire childbirth "methods" have been founded on different styles of relaxation.  I want to let you in on a little secret, though....  ready for it?

Relaxation is a state of mind.  Duh, right?  But, think about it for a moment.  It isn't a technique - it is the ability to tell your body "OK, we can do this" in any setting at any moment.  For more about the art of relaxation, take a look at this Esali Reflections...

What is an Esali Reflection?  Sometimes a conversation or thought inspires me during nap time, in the morning at breakfast when I haven't even showered, in the evening before bed... anytime... and I want to share that thought with you - like calling up an old friend or a nice afternoon visit from a neighbor.  No fancy video work here - just friend to friend - you me and a cup of tea... because we can't always sit over my table, but we can enjoy a few moments with the marvels of modern technology.

Well, hello there!  While we've seen a lot from each other through "Esali Birth," I wanted to take a moment to say a personal hello from me, Danielle from the Mid-Ohio Valley, and share a basic service and price list for all of you looking for perinatal support through the childbearing years in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

If you're new to Esali Birth you may not know my story which I love sharing throughout the many times we may meet on your journey.  Mostly, I am a modern gal living in rural WV that loves to intertwine instinctual, historical, knowledge with only the most beneficial parts of our modern world.  I wear many hats in my family and life and love the diversified options I have in this beautiful world.  I also love supporting families during the childbearing years from the most basic loving hug to the scientific ins and outs of childbirth.  Whatever you need in this moment is what I strive to provide.  Sometimes that is advice, sometimes it is research, sometimes it is nutritional guidance, and it is always understanding of your personal journey which is ever changing.

My services range from pre-conception counseling to childbirth education and doula support.  I have a variety of herbal blends available and custom blends that can be created for your specific needs from soothing foot soaks and beverage tea blends to body balancing while transitioning from medicinal birth control and perinatal support.  See my service menu below for a basic list of options in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

While I do require services be paid in full, I provide my NPI number and guidance for my clients to submit claims to their insurance to help cover doula education and support fees upon request.

Want to learn more?  See me chat with Marilee Marrow on Moms Everyday and visit my Support Page.  Find me on Skype @esalibirth for my online [free] "Office Hours."

Have questions?  Get in touch!

Hey, Momma! Yes, Dad, you're included! Cheers! You've got this! I know you have questions
and concerns.
Let's get those fears released
so you can simply enjoy pregnancy.
From family health and wellness
to "Doula 101" tips
everyone is included in an Esali Birth class
and webinar options make distance a non-issue.

So, I have something super exciting for all of you!  It's a new year and we're rolling out a new adventure.

This is a project, while recent in fruition, has a long history.  From the beginning, Esali Birth has been a way to connect modern families with basic approaches to birth by bringing simplicity and positivity into something that is normally portrayed as scary and complicated.  Connecting us to biological birth through modern methods.  The western culture has made birth complicated.  Let's stop that today... now... here.

I want to share with you something amazing.

The Baby Basket

The Baby Basket is a unique approach to childbirth prep that feeds the modern family's lifestyle while getting down to the nitty gritty of what birth prep really means.  Not only is it complete perinatal education, but you'll join a monthly subscription project box delivered right to your door.

First and foremost, you'll receive access to the Esali Birth Complete Online Birth Series that will walk you through the beginning stages of pregnancy, through birth and into postpartum and breastfeeding.  Complete Perinatal Education at your finger tips - anytime and anywhere - until your subscription is complete or you birth your baby (whichever comes later).

You'll also receive access to a monthly Q&A webinar with a Perinatal Mentor.

Here is what is really exciting and fresh.  Each month members will receive a project box in the mail that uplifts, energizes, and urges the mom, dad, and family to look at her pregnancy with positive eyes and be involved in her health and happiness.  Each box includes journal pages designed to add to a baby book, or personal scrap book, filled with reflection prompts for both mom and her birth partner.  She'll blend her own nourishing teas - learning an ancient tradition while getting her on a healthy path for parenting.  She'll partake in bonding activities to enhance the relationship with her birth partner which makes birth more calm and parenting more connected.  You'll make belly balms, a baby carrier, amber charms, and postpartum kits.  You'll partake in creating all the things you'll love as a mother for no more than a traditional independent birth class.

Each month will bring you more well-rounded emotional care that you need and the western culture lacks so much.  Some birth classes can even feel overwhelming with information and question answering that sometimes the most important relaxed activities are pushed to the side.

The Baby Box is balance.  It is the hands-on holistic childbirth education the western culture is missing.  In a modern format.

This is birth in our culture - self-made.

Multiple subscription options are available to help accommodate joining at various stages during your pregnancy as well as single project boxes that make amazing gifts.

A lot of parents looking for childbirth education perinatal education and support are focused on “how to birth.”  They’re looking for a childbirth “method.”  They think they need to learning techniques for working with their body in order to have a natural or safe birth.  Esali birth thinks much more about the education surrounding the birth time.  We provide perinatal education because it provides topics ranging from pregnancy through birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and beyond.  These are some of the many reasons I’ve discussed with parents as to why a series like Esali Birth is so important.  It isn’t about how to birth – it’s about why it matters and how you’re influencing it with every choice you make (or don’t).  In no particular order and certainly not the only reasons here are 101 reasons to take a childbirth education class... a good childbirth education class… one like Esali Birth that doesn’t promote a specific method (except #theoxytocinmethod) or provide a combative viewpoint for fighting in labor but instead learning your options and making decisions based on your birth philosophy:

  1. Being in a group of people experiencing similar things.
  2. Finding a go-to for resources.
  3. Regular focus on the health of you and your baby.
  4. Nutritional guidance.
  5. Discovering a realistic approach to birth safety.
  6. Learning options in birth from unassisted to full medical.
  7. Learning your rights to informed consent [and refusal] – informed decisions – even if you’re bullied during birth.
  8. Discovering your responsibility in birth choices – even if you’re bullied during birth.
  9. Discovering just why the birth location affects so much about your health and happiness in birth.
  10. Discovering how your care provider influences your health and happiness in birth.
  11. Learning to navigate the birth industry.
  12. Learning the emotional connection to starting labor and progressing through labor.
  13. Learning how modern “evidence based” practice is both rarely utilized in the hospital and also misunderstood with most parents.
  14. Finding your inner strength to learn about your instincts.
  15. Finding your inner strength to trust your instincts – both to ask for help and for knowing how to birth.
  16. Learning techniques to work with discomfort in pregnancy.
  17. Learning techniques to work with discomfort in labor.
  18. Learning techniques to work with discomfort postpartum.
  19. Learning techniques to ease breastfeeding and make it natural, normal, and anticipated.
  20. Learning techniques to care for your baby.
  21. Learning how our hormones help us through labor.
  22. Learning how Dad’s hormones are influenced.
  23. Learning how dads are told to hold more responsibility in many birth methods than their emotional psyche was designed, and instead empowers them to support mom with their natural instincts.
  24. Providing dads with the knowledge, point blank, to support mom and how it can be beneficial to hire a doula.
  25. Learning about doula support.
  26. Learning about your family’s influence on the health and happiness of the birth.
  27. Providing knowledge of biological birth, the way your body works when unassisted, and how your choices influence your birth and change that path.
  28. Supporting and respecting you as an emotional being no matter what birth you choose or need.
  29. Understanding the incredible cultural influences our society has on birth choices and your perspective of safety.
  30. Learning the alternatives to routine prenatal care.
  31. Learning why your emotional health in pregnancy affects your birth and postpartum.
  32. Learning why some moms get 2 hours of prenatal care with time to feel completely comfortable with their provider, and others receive only 15 minutes.
  33. Learning how scare tactics are used in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and pediatric care.
  34. Learning why no choice will guarantee safety.
  35. Learning why birth can be orgasmic – and how to influence that.
  36. Learning why birth can be painful – and how to reduce that.
  37. Learning why birth can be empowering – and how to create that.
  38. Learning why birth can be normal, no big deal with little emotional connection – and how that’s OK.
  39. Learning why induction messes with the pain scale and birth stories of so many in Western cultures.
  40. Learning why 42+ weeks can be normal, and emotionally connected, in birth.
  41. Learning why you may be passionate about your birth choices while other mothers aren’t.
  42. Learning why other countries let premature babies breastfeed and go home with their parents much sooner than America.
  43. Learning why hospitals in other countries put parents in the center of care – especially within the NICU – encourage skin to skin and co-sleeping, for the health and safety of the newborn.
  44. Learning how much fear surrounds birth choices and how to reduce that.
  45. Learning why “midwife” isn’t a guarantee of an “evidence-based” birth.’
  46. Learning why “OB” isn’t a guarantee of safety.
  47. Learning why “hospital” or “interventions available” doesn’t mean safety.
  48. Learning how the nurses – who often have less experience of normal birth than a midwife and much less knowledge of medicated birth than the surgeon OBs – are actually providing the care during labor and noticing complications for the majority of births… because even though you hire an OB, they’re likely only going to be there to catch the baby.
  49. Learning why many hospital midwives still only arrive to catch the baby and not attend the labor.
  50. Learning why an experienced provider attending the labor helps prevent complications and increases safety in birth.
  51. Learning why “home birth” isn’t a guarantee of non-medical or influenced birth.
  52. Learning why women are birthing unassisted.
  53. Learning how medications can reach your baby
  54. Learning how oxygen for resuscitation can be harmful.
  55. Learning why you need to focus on your relationship during (or before) pregnancy.
  56. Focusing on your relationship during pregnancy.
  57. Couple bonding and counseling.
  58. Man-2-Man style prep for dads – point blank guidance and encouragement for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeed support.
  59. Focusing on knowing your birth partner’s approach to your needs and making birth choices that support his ability and desire to be what you want and need in birth.
  60. Learning how the first hours after birth influence the health of the mom and baby.
  61. Learning how the first hours after birth affect the stress hormones of the mom and baby.
  62. Learning how dads are emotionally connected to the birth.
  63. Learning how siblings are emotionally connected to the birth.
  64. Learning why lovey dovey birth is a reflection of the couple’s relationship and not a birth method.
  65. Learning how to choose a doula.
  66. Learning how to choose a birth location.
  67. Learning how to choose a care provider.
  68. Learning how to make an effective birth plan guide.
  69. Learning how to be realistic about your birth choices.
  70. Learning how you can be a modern person in an emotionally connected experience.
  71. Learning how your health influences breastfeeding.
  72. Learning the Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding.
  73. Learning the influence of the birth team on breastfeeding.
  74. Learning the basics of breastfeeding and support in the process.
  75. Learning how pacifiers influence breastfeeding.
  76. Learning how to be a working – and attached – parent.
  77. Learning how to carry or wrap your baby.
  78. Learning about not-your-momma’s cloth diapers.
  79. Taking a birth series that encourages early learning and offers pre-conception classes as well as accepts non-pregnant moms and couples so you can have time to digest the information and possible make a comfortable decision change.
  80. Empowering you to make changes when your birth desires aren’t compatible with your current situation.
  81. Empowering you to VBAC.
  82. Providing knowledge of breech vaginal birth.
  83. Learning techniques for Optimal Fetal Positioning – but not freaking out about it.
  84. Learning techniques for flipping a breech – like being patient and many more.
  85. Learning the importance of spontaneous birth.
  86. Learning how studies support cesarean birth before long exhaustive or pitocin-augmented labors.
  87. Connecting with someone early in pregnancy to be comfortable with them at your birth or asking questions any time.
  88. Seeing siblings in a birth class because sitters aren’t always easy (or needed) because kids need to be integrated into our life without us feeling guilty for it, even though it may not be able to pay attention to all the words.  Trust me, if you’re here you’ve already begun your research and are ready to soak up the information.  You have a goal in mind.  Our human brains don’t allow us to fully digest all the information packed into a 2-3 hour class or a 10+ week series.  It is a starting point and resource place.
  89. Having access to a complete online birth course available 24/7 until you birth your baby so you can review or read what you’ve missed as much as you need to (not just a “work book”).  The reality that you might need to pee when I’m talking about delayed cord clamping is foreseeable.  You may need to miss a week.  You may not be interested in the information at that time and later something might click.  You may have been distracted by the sunlight out the window.  Reality happens…  You should have access to the information for further research when it isn’t crammed into 10 weeks of study.
  90. Having the ability to go off track to answer your specific questions and concerns, even if all the topics aren’t covered.  Your emotions are mostly what influence you right now – and we want those calm and trusting.
  91. Working on being calm and trusting of your body, your baby, and your birth space.
  92. Learning why birth matters for the baby, mom, and society.
  93. Learning why breastfeeding matters for the baby, mom, and society.
  94. Learning why a culture that spends more on health care than the rest of the world can have such ridiculous mortality and morbidity rates.
  95. Learning how a hospital course sets you up for “What to expect in the hospital” vs. “Here are your options.
  96. Learning how birth photos and videos can encourage you to be excited for birth.
  97. Learning how birth photos and videos may give you an unrealistic expectation for your specific birth and how learning about what is beyond those beautiful photos and the choices that couple made really completed their birth story.
  98. Learning how your brain rewrites your birth story based on the words you say when you recall it.
  99. Receiving post-birth counseling.
  100. Learning to know your options, choose the best you can, and be at peace with YOUR birth.
  101. Learning why I could fill a book of reasons for you to take a childbirth class perinatal series.

A lot of prospective students ask me what the better option is as far as Esali Birth courses – online or local (and don’t forget webinar). There are also misconceptions about online courses in that they’re not complete. Well, it really depends on your personal situation and what you’re looking for out of the class, and EB online classes are almost identical to our local course – specifically to allow our students the ability to choose and fit a quality course within their modern lifestyle.

danielle bergum mentoring doula support

Birth Classes + Doula Support for #ALLtheBirths

The Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor Doula Package is an excellent option for:

  • First-Time Mothers
  • VBAC Mothers
  • Families searching for guidance and information
  • Mothers with more than 4 weeks before their estimated birth time
  • Families with basic to limited knowledge of birth physiology and the birth industry
  • Families undecided of birth location and/or care provider
  • Families planning a birth center or hospital birth
  • Mothers with previous birth or life trauma
  • Mothers fearful of birth trauma, pain, manipulation and coercion from care providers and birth facilities
  • Mothers timid or shy with new experiences, people, and/or places
  • Mothers experiencing a high stress pregnancy or life situation

Keep in mind that doula packages are based on your personal needs and are more specifically discussed during consultations and as we lay out our doula-client agreement.  Prices are estimates and add-on options are available.

Esali Birth Perinatal Mentor Doula Package Description

As a perinatal mentor, I provide you with thorough education and support and nurture a connected relationship over the course of your pregnancy which enhances my ability to support you and your family through a trusted relationship.   A comprehensively holistic birth class with Esali Birth ensures you have the information that is the most helpful to achieving a happy healthy birth in whatever environment you choose and makes sure we're on the same page with what routines may be presented to you that may or may not match your personal birth philosophy.  I come to you during labor whenever you desire my presence, whether that be at home or your desired birth location.  If you're preparing for a home birth and transfer is needed or desired, I will transfer with you.

  • 20 hours birth mentoring sessions (a full birth series or private custom Q&A and mentoring - locally and/or online)
  • Access to the complete online self-paced perinatal Esali Birth Class until you birth your baby
  • Attendance at prenatal appointments and/or prenatal support at your home for optimal fetal positioning and alignment, birth counseling and general prenatal support (amount is determined by you)
  • Full labor support until first breastfeeding latch and you're ready for private family bonding (with guidance on gentle latch techniques and what to look for over the first few days)
  • Birth photography with all digital files and printing rights (limited - your support will be the first priority)
  • Postpartum visit for birth counseling, breastfeeding support, and postpartum care within the first 1-2 weeks after the birth
  • Unlimited messaging and phone support

Price Approximates:

  • Home Birth - $1500
  • Hospital or Birth Center - $1750

The final cost of this packaged is based on the specifics of your desires for support including the number of prenatal appointments you desire, your birth location and if you are a former doula client.

Doula packages are based on your personal needs and are more specifically discussed during consultations and as we lay out our doula-client agreement.  The following are basic options with various add-on services available.

I accept approximately 3 clients per month.  My radius for labor and birth is within approximately 1.5 hours of zip 26164.

I provide doula support for:

  • Home Birth
  • Hospital Birth
  • Unassisted Birth
  • Medicated Birth
  • Cesarean Birth
  • Parkersburg, Marietta, Athens, Charleston, & Bridgeport and surrounding areas
  • CCMH
  • MMH
  • UHC
  • CAMC
  • Teays Valley Birth Center
  • Whatever kind of birth you're having, wherever that may end up

Locations beyond those listed are available, just ask!  Mentoring and classes are held online as well as Ravenswood or Parkersburg or in your home.

Financial Arrangements
A deposit is required upon signing an agreement to secure your birth time in my schedule.  Payments are then made according to the schedule outlined in our agreement.  Gift Certificates are available and doula support is an excellent item to add to your gift registry.

Perinatal education and doula support is a holistic investment for you, your baby, and your family.  Studies show doula-attended births result in more spontaneous births, lower intervention rates, better breastfeeding rates, and happier families both from education received, awareness of options, and continuous care from a trusted ally.  Your birth will change your life whether you plan for that or not.  Education and adequate support can be an immense preventative measure for the health and happiness of you, your baby, and your family's future whether that's by improving your birth experience and/or improving your ability to enjoy and understand your birth experience.  Many insurance companies will reimburse for doula services and you're encouraged to submit a claim.  Though I do not submit claims, I do have an NPI number and provide submission information for clients.

Insurance Reimbursement

My doula services, including antenatal doula mentoring, labor doula, and postpartum doula care may be reimbursable by your insurance company.  Fees are required to be paid in full and you must submit your own claims; however, I will provide my NPI number and supporting information to help you with your claim submission.  In many cases, a well-written letter explaining how you believe doula support reduced costs for your birth, as well as persistence, will provide you with a reimbursement.  Please contact for any questions.



Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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