Perinatal advocacy can be a very difficult field to be leading. You will find yourself screaming about the beauty of birth only to have your words fall upon those that have not yet come to terms with the importance of their birth experience, and those that may never reach that point. Don’t stop! If there are no voices to advocate, then nothing will be heard, and one voice can change the world little bits at a time. When your desire is strong enough to help those around you, you will speak the truth – even if it means some mothers may feel uneasy about what you’re telling them. However, remember that you can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. Provide the information and then trust that others will make the best decisions for their family – and they will believe whatever they need to believe to go through THEIR situation.

Best Perinatal Articles

I’m consistently referencing a list full of articles that I find to be the most fascinating and helpful during the perinatal stages (on top of my blog, of course, lol). I wanted to start a list for myself, rather than just bookmarking, and decided a blog would be the best way to share this with others – and for future reference. I will continuously update this as I find new, impressive, articles – and if there are any that you love, please message those to me and I will review and add as I see fit! Enjoy and happy learning!



Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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