The Prenatal Wellness Tracker helps you track your food intake, movement, and self-care routines during pregnancy for a happy health birth.  This prenatal health guide is available in both Excel and App form and helps you to document your food intake, movement routines, and relaxation routines daily and see a visual graph to easily see where you might be lacking in nutrition or other prenatal wellness routines.

Prenatal Wellness Tracker Includes

  • Due Date Calculator
  • Food Group Recommendations based on Simple Portions prenatal nutrition
  • Movement Recommendations
  • Self-Care Recommendations
  • Weekly/Daily Wellness Tracking
  • Visual Chart of Wellness Routines
  • Indicators of High Wellness, Medium Wellness, and Improvement Areas
  • Printable format for daily and weekly averages to communicate with care providers

Prenatal Wellness Tracker - EXCEL

The Prenatal Wellness Tracker Excel version is the traditional robust version of the prenatal wellness guide.  This version provides mothers that want a look at their average weekly health with a way of daily input and savings and a more accurate way of determining your balance of wellness as well as options to print off weekly charts for communicating with your care provider and for your reflection journal.

Prenatal Wellness Tracker APP

The Prenatal Wellness Tracker App provides a simple quick overview of your daily input for nutrition and lifestyle routines for great on-the-go monitoring of your wellness habits and routines.

Belly mapping helps you understand the position of your baby so you can build awareness and confidence for a happy healthy birth.  The Esali Birth Belly Mapping guide will take you step by step through this simple process, beginning around 20-24 weeks and continued through to birth.  Learn your baby's position so you can help cater your daily routine to your body and your baby's needs.

Belly Mapping Guide Includes:

  • How to Belly Map
  • Benefits of Belly Mapping
  • Understanding the Position of Your Baby
  • Visual reference for matching your belly map with baby's position

For more information on how to use the belly mapping information, download the free Perinatal Pocket Guide.

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mans guide to birth esali birth

Man's Guide to Birth is member's only resource; a guide for dads and birth partners through pregnancy, birth, and the first months of parenting. This short and to the point guide for men will help you to better support a pregnant and laboring woman and understanding your needs as a birth partner and father.  The Man's Guide to Birth is easy to navigate on your phone and makes a great bathroom reader for pregnancy.

Man's Guide to Birth Includes:

  • Fertility and Conception Tips
  • Nutrition and Wellness Tips
  • Pregnancy Discomfort Relief Tips
  • Emotional Guidance for Dads
  • Emotional Guidance for Dads supporting Moms
  • Birth Partner Tips
  • Labor Comfort Tips
  • Unassisted Emergency Birth Tips
  • Breastfeeding Tips
  • Newborn Health Tips

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The Esali Birth Perinatal Pocket Guide is member's only resource; a pocket doula guide for pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks postpartum.  This easy to navigate pregnancy guide can be easily viewed on your phone or printed on index cards.  The labor guide is a great labor bag reference for dads, birth partners, and doulas.

Perinatal Pocket Guide Includes:

  • Prenatal Wellness Tips
  • Baby Alignment Tips
  • Pregnancy Discomfort Remedies
  • Pregnancy Belly Mapping Tips
  • Early Labor Tips
  • Early Labor Progression Tips
  • Active Labor Tips
  • Active Labor Progression Tips
  • Birthing (Pushing) Tips
  • Birthing (Pushing) Progression Tips
  • Placenta Uses
  • Unassisted Emergency Birth Tips
  • Breastfeeding Latch Tips

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OK, so technically this iced herbal tea is great for anyone, anytime.  But, if you're looking for an incredibly simple blend of herbs that you can sip on in the scorching sun, this is it!

All you're mixing is equal parts of the following herbs and then using 1 Tbls of the blend per cup (double the amount if your herbs are fresh).  Boil your water, steep for 5 minutes.  Add a smidge of honey (no sugar, please) if you'd like (although its lovely unsweeted).  Chill.  Serve with a lemon wedge.  There you have muscle toning, a vitamin punch, and soothing to digestion.

Red Raspberry Leaf – The classic women's herb, though toning and nutritive for everyone! It is packed full of nutrients, which are very important for a healthy blood (and milk) supply.

Nettle – This is a very powerful nutrient boosting herb. It also helps with allergies and cleansing the blood - crucial during pregnancy to reduce risks of common complications like eclampsia and similar conditions. It is an excellent natural source of calcium, iron, and many other dish-approved nutrients.  Additionally, nettles have natural antihistamine abilities making this a great alternative, when used regularly and over time, to OTC allergy medications.

Mint - There are many mints to choose from.  I usually use a handful of whatever is growing in my backyard.  Spearmint has a smooth flavor, but you may like the punch of a peppermint - especially if you're in your first trimester and need a little nausea settling.  While mint in excess is not great during pregnancy, a little mint goes a long way and you can enjoy this as a nice summer drink.  It is great for nausea, tension headaches, hot flashes and sweats, and other conditions related to blood flow and nutrients.

Honey - Great for antibacterial needs but when its local and raw, and used regularly, over time it will help protect against seasonal allergies of your area and avoid more medications in pregnancy.

Lemon - The high vitamin c in lemons helps to ease nausea, and all its wonderful properties (including the peel) help to stimulate digestion and cleanse the liver further reducing risks of blood and digestion-related complications of pregnancy and postpartum.


Herbal Iced Tea

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