Belly mapping helps you understand the position of your baby so you can build awareness and confidence for a happy healthy birth.  The Esali Birth Belly Mapping guide will take you step by step through this simple process, beginning around 20-24 weeks and continued through to birth.  Learn your baby's position so you can help cater your daily routine to your body and your baby's needs.

Belly Mapping Guide Includes:

  • How to Belly Map
  • Benefits of Belly Mapping
  • Understanding the Position of Your Baby
  • Visual reference for matching your belly map with baby's position

For more information on how to use the belly mapping information, download the free Perinatal Pocket Guide.

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Esali Birth is a perinatal and birth philosophy. Start calling this a “Childbirth Method,” and you’ve instantly downgraded the quality of education and importance of an Esali Birth course. Anyone can have a baby, but unless you’re taking a responsible role and actively creating your perinatal experience, not everyone can have a healthy birth experience. Yes, there are many instances where birth is not perfect, and birth is not meant to be perfect. Like pooping, it is really just another natural bodily function that has a variety of outcomes and small yet significant ways it can be changed. Only this particular function has a lasting impact on your life, your baby’s life, your partner’s life, and any other person connceted to that child.



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